This morning we had another waterspout out by our condo. Not even kidding… yesterday’s was about 5 miles offshore. Today’s was much closer. So close, in fact, that I could see the water churning below it, and see it ripple at the top. To be honest, it kind of reminded me of a giant drinking straw. It was beautiful…

I took photos, but here’s the deal on the photo situation. I mistakenly didn’t bring my mother’s camera cord. My dad brought a camera cord. You know, the bright yellow one that only fits my brother’s bright orange camera. And my phone for some reason won’t send the (low quality) photos I took with it to my email address, because it’s dumb.

So… you’ll get photos when I’m back!

As for other stuff going on… I may or may not have gotten a little blog attention on yesterday’s paper pack (or, y’know, increased my daily average views by SIXTY TIMES what it normally is on a given day)… so I will be releasing more of them, since it seems that people like them. I have a couple in the works right now, and I’m anxious to share them with you. I think you’ll really like them!

Sorry for such a short, pictureless post, but hopefully soon I’ll start actually being a decent blogger. LOL! Fat chance. Love you guys (now that I read my blog stats and actually feel like I might have a reader or two, I feel like I’m talking to someone!) :: waves ::


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