Paper Pack Freebie! Wickedly Grungy 2!

So in case you missed Wickedly Grungy 1 (which is over at Inspiration Lane’s June Colors to Inspire challenge), I’ll upload it here at the end of the month.

My friend, who is an awesome designer, Ryan, has been a great encouragement as I’ve been dabbling in designing. And I have really gotten interested in papers, for sure! So I have been taking every chance I can to get more into the designing world, at least when it comes to papers.

DigiScrapAddicts has a great challenge each month in their Enabler, where they give designers a colour palette and the designers (like me!!! Well, okay, I’m an aspiring designer, but still), create a product with the palette. I fell in love with this months’ palette, so I am offering it to you!

Snag it here by clicking on the preview!




  1. Jenni- I think you did just a BANG UP job on those papers!!! I happen to be a designer at Scraps With A Mouse- ( site is down for maintenance till Friday night fyi) and they are looking for designers— we are a group who will help you along- if you would like to apply! Just email me for some more information 😉 Keep it up!!! Amanda

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