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It wasn’t too long ago that I found some of my best friends from elementary school on facebook. After chatting, it turned out that we had more in common than I ever could have imagined, even after not talking in years due to distance and other factors. It was amazing to know that, no matter how great the distance, we still had a lot in common.

Living in the age of Social Media presents it’s challenges… it seems that one stupid status update, one horrible autocorrect on your phone, one tagged photo, can cause lasting consequences. However, I wouldn’t trade the fact that I live in this Digital Era for the world. Information and connections are at our fingertips now more than ever.

If you go to the pantry and realize you forgot to think of something for dinner, you can now google the ingredients you have on hand and find a new recipe to try right away.

When revolutions happened in the Ukraine and Venezuela, up-to-the-minute news was available, is available, concerning each event.

When your cousin went out to eat at Chipotle and had the best burrito of her life, it was right there in your news feed.

Now, more than ever, we can connect with others, personally, professionally, and even in a kind of stalkery “I’m looking at your Facebook but don’t want you to know” kind of way.

We also love to share information with our friends and pass it along to others.

I wanted to make sure that I was able to remind you all the easiest ways to stay up to date with DigitalEraMom, and social media is a huge part of that. In order to make sure you’re always seeing the latest and greatest posts, you’ll want to follow me in a few different ways.

The easiest way to make sure you’re checking out DigitalEraMom’s newest content is to subscribe by email. You’ll be notified of each new post by email and you’ll never miss a minute. Posts you love can be easily forwarded to friends and family members. To subscribe by email, look in the sidebar right over there ———->

If email isn’t really your thing because you’re flooded with Zulily, Groupon, LivingSocial, Amazon, and a million other newsletters, that’s totally okay. It’s also easy to follow DigitalEraMom on Facebook and Twitter, also in the sidebar. (@jengerbread88 and @digitaleramom on twitter)

Finally, you can see the newest from me on Pinterest and on Instagram, for great photo inspiration, quick tips, and more!

When you follow DigitalEraMom, you’re able to see the new content and share it with your friends more easily than ever. It’s as easy as repinning a craft idea for later, or sharing the post on your Facebook timeline for future reference.

I really hope you’ll connect with me, because there is so much exciting content coming your way. You won’t want to miss a post!


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