Spring Product Round-Up: Target

One of my favorite parts of each new season is going shopping. Seriously, I’m obsessed with the new stuff that stores stock, from the delicious foods to the adorable decor. Ask anyone who knows me, and they know that, yeah, the post-holiday sales are great, but I’m happiest when the new holiday products come out. After Christmas, I get so stoked for Valentine’s Day, and after Valentine’s Day, I’m ready for all things spring and Easter.

I made sure to stop by my favorite stores to check out what was new. I started with Target. You’ll have to excuse the phone photos– I don’t usually carry my DSLR into a store when I’m shopping, so I thought phone photos would work just fine to show you what great things were in store!

I started in the One Spot, that little section in front that features goods priced from $1-$3, and is SO impossible to resist! I fell in love with several items over there, but my absolute favorite was the brightly colored watering cans! Can you imagine how adorable one of these would be filled with fresh flowers as a centerpiece at a spring banquet, or filled with baked goods to take to a neighbor as a sunny spring gift? I couldn’t pass it up and bought an orange one, but I know I want a blue one, too. They’re just too pretty!

Another find that I ALWAYS love in the One Spot is seasonal sprinkles! They’re only $1 per tub, and they look so adorable topping any treat. I always buy a variety of these every season. At only a dollar each, why wouldn’t you want them all?

Every season, my next favorite place to look when I’m at Target is at the new tableware! Each season, there’s a brand new theme,and I always want to collect the entire set. It’s reasonably priced (between $2 and $6 for the various pieces– from cups to divided plates to serving trays) and is so durable, dishwasher safe, and easy to care for. I have never been disappointed with a purchase from this section, and OMG. Target did not disappoint this season. The collection with cute phrases like “Lettuce Be Friends” is so garden fresh and fun that I know it’ll make adding seasonal color to our plates so much easier. I love the thought of prettying up these divided plates even more with some fresh fruits and veggies from the garden this season.

See? Way too adorable. I’m practically craving carrots now.

Every time I go to Target, I find myself in the seasonal department. I can’t seem to escape the store without a trip over there. And, to my luck, Easter and Spring products were already on the shelves. You can tell that we’re still not over the Fox trend, thanks to Ylvis singing “WHAT DOES THE FOX SAY?!” ad nauseum, which means there are plenty of cute foxes to be found among the traditional bunnies and chicks at Easter this year. I love these cute character baskets. At only $3, they’re reasonably priced, and after Easter, they can be reused for storing socks or small toys year-round!

The same animal themes carried into these absolutely precious spring ornaments. They’re made to compliment adorable wooden trees that Target also had on the shelves, but they would also be great on a year-round tree if you keep one up like I do.

I’m a pretty big fan of things made into seasonal shapes, so Reese’s Eggs, Snickers Eggs, those are all fair game for me. This year, I noticed one I hadn’t seen before, either because it’s new or because I’m oblivious at times, and I’m SO stoked about it. Twix Eggs. Wow. Twix is easily one of my favorite candy bars in the world– that cookie! That caramel! That chocolate! The only question I have for Twix with these eggs is… did they come from the Left Factory or the Right Factory?

Pillsbury also had some great new product out. Last year, they developed a really nice spring line of cake mixes, cookie mixes, and frostings that were in really great flavors like Orange Cream, Pink Lemonade, and Key Lime. This year, Blue Raspberry joined the lineup from last year, and also had it’s very own cookie mix, cake mix, and frosting.

Oh yes. That amazing blue looks like it’ll be perfect in my spring baking!


Target definitely had some amazing stuff on the shelves this year, and I snatched up more than my fair share of it, so keep your eyes out and see what pops up on the blog this season. Product stock and pricing varies from store to store, so I can’t promise what’s available at my local Target will already be on the shelves at yours.


Found anything exciting at Target this season so far? Tell me all about it in the comments below!



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