I think he’s trying to tell me something…

Nakedness seems to run wild in this house. I’ve found it’s gotten more and more impossible to keep my toddler’s clothing on, to the point that I’ve contemplated duct taping it on (don’t worry, I haven’t! ….yet).

So, when he stripped off his diaper last night, I didn’t think a ton of it. I mean, pants are usually the first thing to go flying off, so why is a diaper any different? My little guy streaked down the hall like his feet were on fire, speeding past me. I calmly got a diaper while hollering after him “Zach! You better not have a bare booty when I get in there!” Maybe, just maybe, he’d have the sense to attempt putting his diaper back on before I got in there. But probably not.

He just stood there, awkwardly, in the hallway, and giggled. Giggling is rarely a good sign around here. It usually means mischief or mayhem. Usually both.

I finally got the diaper package open (curses for not opening a new package when the old one emptied! Those things must have an adult-proof lock on the box!) and grabbed one, saying “Zach! Diaper time! Get that bare booty in here, Mr.!”

He came without a fuss. That also wasn’t a good sign.

I put his diaper on, and he barely fought me. This evening was piling up with evidence that something was up.

Not long after that, I ventured down the hall to grab something, and stepped in something wet. Just outside the bathroom, it was unmistakable… my cute, sweet, little toddler peed. In the middle of the hallway floor, he had peed like nobody’s business.

And it was RIGHT by…. a closed bathroom door. Oops.

I’m reasonably certain if I’d have left the door open, that pee would have made it in the potty. Or at least a little bit closer to the potty. After all, we’d talked about using the potty. He’d sat on the potty before, usually before a bath. But to prevent crazy things ending up in the potty (like plastic dinosaurs, fish toys, and sharpies– where he finds THOSE as it is just blows my mind), I tend to keep the bathroom door closed. Again, oops.

So, today, it’s time for us to trek to Target and pick up some “Oh no! Mommy didn’t realize you were ready to potty train!” items. I mean, this isn’t the first signal he’s given me that he’s pretty ready to potty.

Wish me luck, internet. This could be a fun road ahead.



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