A Week In the Life- Wednesday Recap

I know, I know, I’m now 2 days behind on AWITL, but I just had to share as I continue this project. Despite being a couple of days behind, I feel really good about the project, and I’m loving how my album is turning out. Because it was so important to me to really work hard and live up to my One Little Word this year, Capture, I knew I had to be sure to intentionally make albums and pages to really capture life.


As I finished up Wednesday’s layout, I thought about how a few people I’ve read are waiting to do the project next week because of a birthday or event this week, and how they want to capture the every day life, not the special event life. I totally get that, and I think it’s spot-on as to the intention of the project. But I won’t lie… I’m really glad that we DID have a family birthday fall during AWITL this year. I feel like capturing that portion of our lives is just as important as capturing the every day memories, and so I really thought it worked in our album.

Plus, aren’t those the cutest photographs ever? I’m pretty sure they’re adorable, and I’m glad I was able to snap those memories. Had I not been doing AWITL, I likely wouldn’t have taken my Nikon to lunch with me for Jeffrey’s birthday, and I would have missed out on some really great shots. I’m just glad I didn’t.


Where are you in AWITL? Are you skipping this year? Waiting until the week is over to do your album? All caught up? Tell me about your project below if you’re doing AWITL!



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