A Week in the Life: Tuesday Recap

Well, I’m on day 2 of my project, and I have to say, I’m loving how it’s turning out! Obviously, today, I’ve reached the fourth day of the project’s photos and notes, but the second day of the album is finally finished. Wanna see?

Day two meant that I was really in the groove of trying to get photos, and it also meant that I considered my photos of the day before and tried to capture the moments that I missed. In some ways, Tuesdays are so drastically different than our Mondays, because they’ve got appointments and practices, but at the same time, many of the vital parts of our routine– like lunch, dinner, and bedtime– remain very similar to the day prior, so I wanted to be sure I was photographing the parts of Tuesday that were unique from Mondays… while still showing that our life is really similar from day-to-day.

I also really struggled this week with how to feature the people in our lives in the book. Zach and I have our own routines within the greater family routine of Grandma and Grandpa, and Uncle Jeffrey. Since I don’t go to practice with Jeffrey and I’m not a part of those things, I wasn’t able to fully integrate those into the album. It meant I was putting a lot focus on Zach and I. I also realized that I need to keep track of photos of myself, too. It’s so tempting to stay behind the camera this week, capture what everyone else is doing… but I also realize that my intention with this album all along has been that Zach will look back on it someday. If something happens to me, I’d like him to see me in this album, silly faces and all, no makeup, sweatpants, the way that I actually am.

That meant no dressing up. If Zach doesn’t want to wear pants, he doesn’t… just like any other day that we’re not going anywhere. If I was wearing my sweatpants instead of jeans, then so be it… just like any other day we’re not going anywhere. I knew that this album had to be about real life, which meant that some of those less-flattering details had to be involved (although, I at least tried to pick the most flattering photos possible of myself– I mean, wouldn’t you?)

Are you doing AWITL? Feel free to comment below with your pages or pictures so far!



  1. I think it is great you are doing this. I think it is something you both will treasure for your whole lives. It is also a good point to have pics of you. Your children will always want to treasure them as you do theirs.

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