A Week In the Life: Monday Recap

I shared just yesterday about my adventure during A Week In the Life, and I had to give you an update with my pages from Monday to show you how my album is shaping up (and hopefully letting my layouts speak for itself about whether or not you should do the project, too!)


As you can see, I’ve done a few really specific things.

For one, I decided to split my day into three sections– Morning (waking up until lunchtime!), Afternoon (anything after lunch but before dinner!), and Evening (dinner until bedtime!) By separating it into three separate sections, I made sure that I was capturing those unique pieces of our day and also helped make sure I didn’t focus on just one part of the day and forget to show a good overview of everything.

For two, I thought it was really important to include photos of both people and things that were part of our every day lives. It helped make sure that my album had a well-rounded feel. I wanted to give the reader a birds-eye view about what our life was like, allowing them to kind of look through Zach and my eyes to make sure it lets my reader set foot in our shoes, whether it’s family or friends reading, or just Zach and I stepping into the shoes of our past to unlock the memories of what life was like for us in September of 2013.

Finally, I wanted my book to be kind of a living album. Rather than just capturing photos and having a still album, I decided to implement QR codes where I could, which link to Instagram videos. The QR code can be scanned with a smartphone and take you straight to the video. It means the difference between seeing Zach’s cute smile in a picture with his spaghetti noodle snack, and actually hearing him giggle and exclaim “NOODLES!” It brings life to the album in a new and exciting way.

As you can see, I also left out the traditional papers and elements that are so central to scrapbooking. Why? Because I can create a scrapbook with those items any day… but for this one week, it was important to me to capture the photos and moments that make our life unique.

You can also see that I didn’t capture anything extra-special. I simply took the moments that are a part of my every day life and made sure to show them off. Yes, even the laundry, and the crazy hours Zach and I keep sometimes.

Are you playing along with A Week in the Life? If so, I’d love to see your pages, so please feel free to link me below in the comments!



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