The Story of Our Lives

It’s been an interesting month and a half so far. I’ve mentioned our renovations on the blog, but it seems life is far from normal.

Zach and I decided to leave home and forge our own journey during the renovations, to keep him away from the dust. We returned home to some stunning changes to our upstairs, including a beautiful new pantry and laundry closet, plus the removal of a wall we really didn’t like having in the first place.

The result was amazing- like it should have been the original design!

It was after that when our luck started to change. As Zach and I returned home, a spigot broke, causing a pipe to flood our basement. And I mean FLOOD it.

Power Dry came and dried it out. Then Rainbow came and stored our stuff. And then the process of contractors vs. insurance began.

There were, of course, good parts to our month.

Like a trip to Silver Dollar City for my grandmother’s birthday!

There were also rough days…

Like getting 8 teeth at once, to the point where we’re practically delirious from it.

We got our hands dirty…

…and we cleaned up our act.

Open Cup Qualifiers happened… and were WON!

….and cars broke down. Yes, cars. Two of them.

And our sunroom leaked.

And we worked to cleanup after all of the problems that were happening.

After a month and a half of ups and downs, things were starting to look up, maybe a little bit.

Then this happened this morning. And the company is being a real bear about fixing it.


At this point, I’m starting to wonder if it will ever end, and if our lives will ever get back to normal. Some days are good, some days are a real struggle. I worry about my erratic posting schedule, and I wonder if things will ever be repaired, put back together, everything in the place it should be.

And, maybe someday, it will be. Until then, I’ll see you when I see you! (Seriously, though, I’ll try to get some more yummy recipes and fun educational activities as soon as possible!)



  1. It has been a rough month for all of you. But you have a lot of prayers coming your way and a lot of friends that are supporting you. Everyday it is something else. I feel for all of you.

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