When It’s Time To Change

Do any of you remember that old episode of the Brady Bunch? The one where they are going to record the song, but Peter starts going through puberty and they can’t record the song as planned (oh no!) Instead of panicking, in true Brady fashion, the kids decide to make lemons out of lemonade, and this lovely gem is the result:

Well, voices changing aside, my family has decided to take the song to heart, recognizing that it is time for a lot of changes.

You see, we’ve lived in this house for 22 years(!) and to be honest, it still hasn’t quite started looking like a home. From our shambled furniture assembled from this purchase and this gift, to the many layers of daycare-inspired paint choices, it just hadn’t shaped into our dream house.

For years, my mother and I have gone to every home tour that we possibly could, scouring through dozens of beautiful model homes and finding details in each one that we liked, and things we disliked. So, this year, it came time for us to make some serious decisions. We made a list of everything we wanted in our ultimate dream house. Then, we began visiting homes to see if we could find a house that fit our needs, in our budget. We also began considering what changes would need to be made to our current house to make it our dream house if we decided to stay.

After about a month of house hunting, we realized that every house in our budget was just as far away from being a dream home as our home was, so after a good amount of prayer and consideration, we decided to stay put.


Now, cue the Brady Song.

Just because we decided to stay, didn’t mean there weren’t still a whole flock of things we wanted out of a dream home that our home just didn’t have. It was time to start making those dreams a reality, going from room to room until everything was what it needed to be.

After dozens of contractors giving bids (some even walking away, saying “I can’t do it.”) we finally started making some serious decisions. Some rooms just needed a paint job and a decor change. Others needed entire renovation projects that would take a skilled contractor to complete. Each of them would take our house one step closer to being that home.

If my blog posts have seemed sporadic lately, it’s because they are. Many times, lately, there will be a contractor standing in my photoshoot area. I’d say half the time I am working from my second office (the coffee shop) instead of home. Bear with me, because you guys are going to witness some of the amazing home changes firsthand.

But honestly, everyone, it’s time to change.


Are you making some changes in your life? Tell me all about them below! Maybe you’re doing some spring cleaning? Starting a new hobby? Dropping an old habit? What is your big change of the moment?

Oh, and also comment below to let me know if you totally hate me or totally love me for getting those sha-na-na-nas stuck in your head!



  1. I am in the process of making a list of what I want out of my house. I have lived in my house for 20 months and I only have 3 walls painted! (The fourth wall will have a pretty wall paper on it, but I haven’t found what I want in my budget yet.) Everything else is how the previous homeowner had. I have lived in so many apartments and duplexes over the years I was so happy to have a place to call my own. A place to paint and decorate how ever I wanted, yet I sit here almost 2 years into owning my own home and feel like I have accomplished nothing! 😦

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