Snow Day

As the end of the week crept closer and closer, it seemed like each forecast would get more and more dramatic, more intense. Predictions of snow only a few inches deep swiftly started increasing, up to 15 inches possible for our viewing area.

You see, we don’t really get snow snow. I mean, we get snow, but… not like this. We’ll get an inch or two here, a few inches there. The most recent large snow I remember was considered a blizzard… and we totaled 6 inches.

But yesterday, with snow that wasn’t supposed to start until 9, 9:30 in the morning, we were looking to get a lot more. I think Zach sensed something was different about the day, since he woke up with a start before 9am. As we headed out of bed, towards windows, we saw the snow was already piling high, close to surpassing the totals of our last “blizzard” before it was even supposed to start.

It snowed. And snowed, and snowed, and snowed. Businesses closed early. People were stranded in their cars for hours.

Before 11, it was knee deep.

By the end of the day, snow totals ended up reaching 13 inches.

Schools preemptively closed for today, early in the evening yesterday.

But there was one request, after seeing the snowfall, that I knew we wouldn’t get through the day without.

Ice cream.

But not just any ice cream. SNOW ice cream.

I grew up on this recipe. My mother grew up on this recipe. A large snow never passes without at least a few servings of snow ice cream. After all, the ingredients are simple, and it’s all “to taste,” so anyone can make it.

You start with a large, very large, bowl of snow. Make sure there’s room to mix, and make sure you have more snow than you think you’ll need… it’ll melt down.

Add sugar and vanilla extract, then add milk until the snow packs. Taste it. When it tastes sweet and creamy, you’ve got the right amount of everything. Don’t worry if you add too much of the ingredients… just scoop up some more snow and you’ll be back on track.

The finished result will taste just like it should– like a light, creamy, airy version of ice cream. One that has a specific, very snowy flavor to it.

You can always drizzle it with chocolate, but even me, the chocoholic, wonders why anyone would ruin perfectly good snow ice cream by adding anything else to it.

Then, share.

Or don’t… 😉



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