Don’t Lay A Finger On My (Valentine) Butterfingers!

There’s been a recipe floating around for awhile now of how to make a homemade Butterfinger candy bar at home. And, it has seemed that every incarnation of this recipe that I’ve seen, I’ve seen at times of the year where I cannot seem to find one of the key ingredients.

You see, amazingly, to re-create that amazing Butterfinger taste, you need peanut butter, of course, and chocolate, but you also need one last ingredient…

Candy Corn.

Now, I love Candy Corn. And I love Butterfingers. And I also find the Butterfinger recipe anytime when Candy Corn isn’t available.

So, when I stumbled upon delicious Valentine’s Corn at Walmart when searching for candy for my Valentine’s buffet, I knew it would be absolutely perfect. I picked up an extra tub of the Valentine’s corn, grabbed some peanut butter, and some chocolate, and set to work.

I started by foil-lining a 9×9 pan, and then, in a separate microwave safe bowl, microwaved 16 oz of candy corn in 30 second increments until it was melted. I then added an entire container (16 oz) of creamy peanut butter.

I mixed these ingredients thoroughly, and then added some additional red food coloring to make sure that my Butterfingers had a really nice, rich color. After all, for them to be nice and Valentine-y, they needed to be good and red.

I pressed the resulting mixture into my 9×9 pan.

This went into the freezer for several hours until hardened slightly. It’s roughly the consistency of fudge.

To cut into bars, I highly recommend a pizza cutter.

You can also use a cookie cutter to cut out fun shapes, like the hearts I made for Valentine’s day.

Melt some chocolate in the microwave and dip the frozen mixture into the chocolate.

Tap off your excess chocolate with a fork.

Freeze again until the chocolate is solidified. Make sure you’re putting the dipped candies on parchment lined sheets, or they will stick and pull the bottoms off of the candy. Don’t ask how many batches I made before actually remembering to do this.

Once they’re done, they can be served.

Believe it or not, these really DO taste just like a Butterfinger candy bar! I never would have guessed from the ingredients, but they are spot-on.

I may or may not have acted as my own Valentine and eaten an entire batch by myself.

Who can resist that stunning red color inside?


On a less foodie note, this is my second Valentine’s day since becoming a mother. I cannot believe how fast the time has flown, and I also cannot believe the amazing growth that I have seen in my son in these past couple of V-Days. He truly is the best Valentine that I could ask for, and I’m so happy to be able to celebrate this day with him. He is my strength, and I love him more than anything in the world.

This song by Christina Perri really reminds me of Zach in so many ways. I feel like, even before he was born, I loved him, like I’ve loved him and been waiting for him my entire life. And I cannot even fathom a day that my love for him would die. He is my entire life, and I feel like life wasn’t really…. life… before he was born.

Zach, “all along, I believed I would find you. Time has brought your heart to me, and I have loved you for a thousand years. I’ll love you for a thousand more.”


Happy Valentine’s Day, everybody. Try to share at least one of the Butterfingers with your Valentine. If you’re your own Valentine, share it with yourself. These treats are almost worth being your own Valentine for, I can tell ya.


One comment

  1. Butterfingers are my favorite candy bar. As for Zach, if you spend anytime around the two of you, you can see the love just flowing around you. I love it.

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