Baby Photo Advice From a REAL Expert

You all know I can’t get enough photos of my son, Zach. Whether I’m snapping photos from my phone, a point and shoot, or my Nikon DSLR, from the time I got my first digital camera until now, I used SanDisk memory cards to back up my data, even on my phone.

For my Nikon, I use an SDHC, which basically helps me capture the best photos without missing a shot. So, when I learned that I could be a part of a blog blast from Mom Central about SanDisk, and help make my readers more aware of SanDisk, I jumped on the opportunity.

Why? Because it’s a company I believe in. I never bring you guys brands that I don’t feel confident in, and I have to say, I have the utmost confidence in SanDisk.

Plus, their spokesperson, Erin Manning, has some great tips on baby photography!

In this video, photographer, author, and educator Erin Manning provides her Top 3 Tips for capturing better baby photos. Erin gives you advice on setting the scene and getting close to the baby for those perfect images, as well as using a SanDisk Ultra SDHC card to make sure she never misses a shot.

Get the <a href=””>SanDisk How to take better baby photos</a> widget and many other <a href=””>great free widgets</a> at <a href=””>Widgetbox</a>! Not seeing a widget? (<a href=””>More info</a>) 

In case you can’t see the widget above on your browser, or you’re using mobile, you can also view the video here. Don’t forget to check out the SanDisk website, as well!




I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom CentralConsulting for SanDisk. I received a product sample to thank me for participating.



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