An Advent Update

Last week, I showed off our fun Advent calendar made of little boxes with clues that led to a scavenger hunt for the night’s activity. We have been having so much fun with our advent activities, and I have some fun pictures of a few of our favorite activities together this week!

Jeffrey had the honor of getting to read our Advent activity clues for most of this week. It’s always fun to see the excitement as everyone races to figure out or find what the activity is for the night!

The very first night of advent activities, we made paper snowflakes to hang from the ceiling of our sunroom. Because we’ve had some relatively snow-free winters the past couple of years, it only seemed right to make some snow of our own.

Nicolas, our student staying with us from Bolivia, had his very first chance to make paper snowflakes— ever! It was so fun to see the excitement on his face as he worked on his snowflake, shaping it and making it unique.

Zach decided playing in his kitchen cabinet was much more exciting than snowflakes, but Jeffrey had a lot of fun using shaped scissors to create a totally new effect!

Even Dad got in on the snowflake fun!

Later in the week, we tried a different activity, which was another repeat from last year’s favorites. We decided to make snowmen out of pancakes! In addition to the pancakes, there were various toppings like bacon, red hots, chocolate chips and white chocolate chips, syrup, chocolate syrup, caramel syrup, Andes baking bits, fresh bananas, and more.

I decided to use the bacon as a scarf for my snowman. I forgot to give him arms…

Dad decided to make the bacon arms for his snowman… dad also usually gets stuck with any slightly over-done pancakes…

Jeffrey used Jet-Puffed Mallow Bits as snow on his snowman. For the record, the bacon that the top is not a hat… it’s a unibrow.

Nicolas decided to do the (near) impossible and make a standing snowman!

It worked!

We’ve had a blast with our advent activities so far, and we can’t wait to continue on in the days leading up until Christmas.


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