The Countdown Continues…

Can you believe that yesterday marked 3 weeks until Christmas?

I feel like I have SO much that I still need to do to get ready for Christmas! We’re skipping the tree this year, but between advent preparation and normal life, I am overwhelmed with the fact that Christmas is coming up so quickly.

I finally got my Christmas cards printed yesterday so I can have them in the mail by the end of the week, and I’ve purchased half of my gifts.

The rest of my gifts this year are handmade… whose crazy idea was it to make gifts? It seems like just one more thing to do, but of course, handmade gifts are all thoughtful.

So, I just wanted to post a short post today, and find out “Hey, where are you on the way to Christmas?”

Are you making gifts? Buying them? When do you start your Christmas shopping? Are you already done? Sound off in the comments below! Instead of this being a post where I talk at you about everything I’m doing… let’s dialogue and talk to each other in the comments!



  1. Shopping-done. Presents-made. Cards-made, but not sent. Goodies-half done and frozen. When you are old you have to start early. I started in January.

  2. I have 2 more gifts to buy then I will be finished with my shopping, Still have cards to do and wrapping the girts. HELP

    1. Isn’t online shopping the best? I love being able to shop in my pajamas! (Who am I kidding? I do that at the mall, too… but at least with online shopping, I don’t have to leave the house!)

  3. I only have a few more things to purchase and I will be done with my shopping. I braved the crowds on Black Friday and was able to get most of items on sale. Unfortunately, I had to get all store bought items this year because I knew I wouldn’t have time to create what I wanted to. 😦 I have all of my Christmas cards written up, but they are sitting in a stack on my desk awaiting a stamp.

    1. The stamp seems to be what breaks me every year… I could have all of my cards completely ready to go, but then in February I find them on my desk, stampless, because I forgot to go buy stamps. Oops! I hope you get them all sent out!

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