The $9 Walmart Monogram Wreath

I love wreaths. What I like even better is affordable wreaths.

That’s why I decided to head to Walmart to find the supplies for my holiday wreath this year. I knew that I wanted to make it myself, but I also knew that I had less than $10 to spend. I’m not counting the cost of my wreath form, since I re-use the same one from season to season, and I’m not counting paper clips or the mini ornaments I already had on hand.

Start with your wreath form.

Then, gather your special Walmart supplies. I picked up 40 feet of garland ($4.97), a monogram stocking charm ($0.98), and three clip-on poinsettia leaves ($0.97 each). The poinsettias come in plenty of colors, as does the garland, so you can be sure to tailor your color scheme to match the ornaments you have on hand, or match your decor!

Wrap your tinsel garland around the wreath form.

This is where the paperclips come in!

Open the paperclip to make it look like an S. Don’t try to take a picture of it because your camera will be a total jerk.

Cut your paperclip in half, and loop one half through the top of the ornament.

Then, jam that into the wreath.

Be sure to insert your ornaments sporadically. I used mini ornaments purchased cheaply in a post-Halloween sale (apparently purple and green are also Halloween colors).

Go ahead and grab your stocking charm monogram, and put the hook that comes with it on.

Then, clip on your three poinsettia leaves. Each of these has an attached alligator clip that makes them easy to attach onto the wreath– all you do is clip them to the tinsel!

Then, hang it on the door!

There you have it! Easy, AND affordable!



  1. That looks so easy and fast but you know me, I have trouble using a paper clip to keep papers together. Thank goodness I have you.\

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