I know, I haven’t been very present lately here on the blog. A lot has been going on. Some of it, I’m still not ready to talk about, and that will definitely come with time.

My grandfather passed away after his struggle with cholangiocarcinoma. The emotion is still very raw and very present, and I know that I’ll soon be ready to share more about him with you guys, but for now, it’s a pain I’m keeping very close to my heart. I’m not ready to share it.

We traveled to his funeral during my cookie exchange series, and returned home that Friday. It seemed like we were only home for a matter of minutes before we turned around and left the following Wednesday to head out of town for Thanksgiving, which was an amazing opportunity to see family that we don’t get to share time with very often. Saturday night, we went to Branson and saw easily the best show I’ve seen there… ever. I can’t wait to tell you all about it. Following the show, we returned home.

Sunday meant playing catch-up, like going to the grocery store, planning the meals for the week, and beginning to unpack from our rapid-fire trips. It meant getting ready for the weeks leading up to Christmas and the advent season, and it meant preparing to get back in the swing of school.

I’m not prepared with posts right now.

I know, I’m a terrible blogger.

I had intended to get a lot accomplished, but Thanksgiving kind of snuck up on me after my grandfather’s funeral. It’s hard to get work done when things like that are still looming over me, and it’s also hard to bring you guys cool crafts, awesome school ideas, and delicious recipes from the backseat of a car, isn’t it?

Never fear. I’m back. I’m better than I was before. And I have a lot of really cool stuff to tell you guys.

Just give me a few days to unpack my brain and get back in the swing of things, k?



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