Deck the Halls With Digital Era Mom

I’m going to be honest. For much of my life, I was against Christmas coming before Thanksgiving. All of the shops, the websites, the… the Christmas! I wasn’t ready. I wanted turkeys and mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie, not Christmas!

Cue last year. Pinterest was really getting into the swing of things, and there were so many idea possibilities and so many Christmas things to do. One month was not enough time to accomplish it all, and when I would try to get it done, the supplies for my big ideas, the supplies would be sold out of all of the craft stores, and the ingredients would already be out of stores to make way for New Year’s Eve.

In this day and age, it’s hard to wait until December to have Christmas. Arguably, for our family Thanksgiving, I don’t do much but show up for dinner.

It’s time, community, to start in on some Christmas plans. I’m not doing this in order to tell you it’s time for Christmas now. I’m doing it to give you plenty of time to plan your hall decking and your holiday baking and your party planning.

This week, I’ll be starting a very holiday series…

Everyone loves a good Cookie Exchange, right? Over the next 12 days, I’m going to give you the recipes and the tips to make your exchange perfect (or to take the most-loved cookie to the next one you’re invited to). As a plus, any of these recipes I’m sharing with you are perfect for Santa, too.

Additionally, I’ll be bringing you crafts and DIY tips to decorate your home for Christmas, also starting this week.

Finally, at the beginning of December, I will be bringing you a series on activities you can do with your family to bring some holiday cheer.

The holiday season is going to be a fun time around here, so I hope, despite the fact that it’s pre-Thanksgiving, that you’ll be ready to deck the halls with us here at Digital Era Mom.



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