Snap, Crackle, and Pop: A Rice Krispie Event… plus bonus Prize Pack Giveaway! (Closed)

Over the weekend, I had a great chance to throw a really fun Kellogg’s Rice Krispie party for my friends!

When I first heard that I’d be getting to team up with Rice Krispies, I thought about what I could make with them. Not only is it a great cereal, but there are literally hundreds of fun varieties of Rice Krispie treats you can make. I took a long time narrowing down exactly what I could make.

I started with 4 boxes of Rice Krispies… and then I added a few extra ingredients.

From there, I poured…

I mixed…

I melted…

I swirled…

I pressed…

and I drizzled…

After all of that cooking, it was time to start setting up the party. When I planned it, I decided to go with a blue theme, taking inspiration from the Rice Krispies box. I also decided to serve my food buffet style so everyone could choose exactly what they wanted to taste, and then set up place settings at a separate table for everyone to make their own treats to take home!

When going with a blue Rice Krispie party, I started by setting up my table cloths ($1.99 at Party City! I love that they have tablecloths that are affordable for easy cleanup after the party!), then I decided to add a centerpiece.

To make this unique Rice Krispies centerpiece, I took a vase from Dollar Tree ($1.00) and filled it with Rice Krispies. I then took a blue and white striped plate (Target clearance, two years ago, $0.49) and another Dollar Tree Vase in a different shape ($1.00), also filled with Rice Krispies. I then put my Pumpkin Spice Rice Krispie Truffles on the plate, and those same truffles, which I skewered with some barbeque skewers found on clearance 100 for $0.50 at Walmart last year to turn them into Rice Krispie Pops!

Here’s the top of that centerpiece (not showing the bottom vase).

I’ll be sharing the recipe for the Pumpkin Spice Rice Krispie truffles a little later today, so stay tuned.

Rice Krispies are so versatile that I wanted to be sure I included them in many more ways than just the traditional Rice Krispie Treats. My party not only featured several fun varieties of Krispie Treats, but also Rice Krispie Chicken Nuggets and Rice Krispie Milkshakes, plus an ice cream pie! All of these recipes will be featured later today on the blog!

Even down to the details, the Rice Krispie theme was apparent… look at these fun stamped spoons! (Wooden Spoons and letter stamps from PickYourPlum, tin from Target last summer, ink from Martha Stewart at Michaels)

After my guests grabbed some treats to snack and enjoy, it was time for my guests to sit down and create some seasonal Rice Krispie treats of their very own to take home with them!

Each guest had a plate set with a fun-shaped cup (from Party City) filled with all of the goodies they’d need to create their Rice Krispie edible art.

Behind their plate was a takeout box to take their treats home in, plus a recipe guide from me and a Rice Krispie bowl scraper courtesy of Kellogg’s and House Party.

All of the guests had a ton of fun creating seasonal Rice Krispies treats, including Rice Krispie Pumpkins, Rice Krispie Turkeys, and even Krispie Christmas Coal!

We did have a couple of Party Crashers, of course…

Everyone loved the Rice Krispie Pumpkins!

Rice Krispies are the perfect food to translate well into not just breakfast or dessert, but dinner and crafts as well. The projects we did with the pumpkins, turkeys, and coal were easy enough that children could join in on the fun, but were also perfect for adults to enjoy. Don’t forget, I’ll be sharing full recipes on my blog later today, but for now, there’s plenty of Rice Krispie fun for you to participate in, too.

First off, check out my Rice Krispie Pinterest Board for plenty of Krispie, Crunchy inspiration from around the web, and while you’re there, hopefully you’ll take a second to follow me!

You didn’t think I’d let you guys finish reading this post without your own Rice Krispie party goodie bag, either, did you?

From now (Friday, November 2, 2012) until next Friday (November 9, 2012, 11:59pm CST), you can enter to win this awesome Rice Krispies Prize Pack, containing a Rice Krispies Bowl, Rice Krispies Bowl Scraper, Rice Krispies paper chef hat, a Box of Rice Krispies, a bag of Jet-Puffed Mini Marshmallows, and a Rice Krispies Recipe Guide.

And the winner is….. JILL! Jill, I will be sending you a message to get your prize to you ASAP. Thanks for entering, everyone.

Fine print: I received Rice Krispies, Bowl Scrapers, and portions of my giveaway prize pack from House Party and Kellogg’s. Contest entry is open to residents of the United States ages 18 and older. In the case of duplicate or multiple entries by a single person, I will only accept the first entry.



  1. I loved your party. The food was very good and the table and serving area looked beautiful. It was a lot of fun and I was so full I could hardly walk. Thanks for a good time.

  2. I had so much fun at the party! I never thought of using Rice Krispies in so many different ways. The decorations were so pretty and looked elegant. You put a lot of work into this party and I think all of us had a great time!

  3. What fun. I want to try all of these. I never would have thought to do chicken. YUM! I might be able to get the kids to eat them if they know it has rice krispies on them. I will have to think of my favorite memory and get back to you. I would love to enter and win.

  4. One of my favorite memories of Rice Krispies was when my Marmy came to visit me after I had surgery back in Arpil and I had a sweet tooth and she made me peanut butter rice krispies that I could munch on, since I couldn’t get off the couch.

  5. My favorite memory with Rice Krispie’s was when I was younger my twin brother and I would practically dunk our ears in our bowl of cereal trying to hear the SNAP CRACKLE POP better so we could count them. Whoever has the most SNAP CRACKLE POPS that meant their cereal was the best cereal around. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. This party looked like a blast! What fun and such a treat to sample all of your confections! Maybe you should host one in Springfield next time you’re here! ๐Ÿ™‚

    My favorite memory is the very first time making rice krispy treats as a child. I remember not really liking how sticky it got! haha But I do remember enjoying licking my fingers afterwards!

  7. Rice Krispie Treats are the only dessert my hubs can make and I love him for it. The memoires are continuing to be made when my sweet hubs makes Rice Krispie Treats. Plus I just like eating Rice Krispies from when I was a wee little tot to now being a mom of a wee little tot. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Hmmm… My favorite memory is my kids and Rice Krispie treats! Throughout the 80’s and 90’s Rice Krispie treats were a regular thing in our household with 5 kids! My kids loved the sticky marshmellows and the stirring and of course the eating! Rice Krispies always brought us to the table to creat, laugh, and enjoy a sweet treat! That is my favorite memory of Rice Krispies!

  9. Ok so I’m a dork and didn’t leave my favorite memory of Rice Krispies. Honestly I don’t have a “greatest” memory except for the most recent one. Going to your Rice Krispies party, trying all the yummy goodies, meeting new people, laughing until I had tears streaming, and spending some great time with my momma and seeing some old friends. Great way to spend an afternoon!!

  10. I remember when my daycare had rice crispie day. Some kids put sprinkles…..some drizzled chocolate…..some cut out shapes or made designs with them. Such a fun day!

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