I Need S’more Mousse Spoons

I can’t call this a recipe. It is way, WAY too easy to be called a recipe. It’s a tutorial, I’m guessing, but trust me, you will want to make these.

They are so easy. And so delicious. Kids love them. Adults love them. Everyone loves them. From class parties to upscale Girls’ Nights In to your holiday party, these are a crowd-pleaser. And they take no time at all to put together.

First off, the spoons. I bought these fun spoons at Party City. They have a flat base and a curve for their neck, so they stand up all on their own. I set them around the center of a gold charger that matched my theme.

While you can certainly sub in your own favorite chocolate mousse recipe, the tried and true chocolate mousse from Jell-O is my personal favorite, and it’s the one I turn to time and time again to make these. And for the record, there’s also a caramel flavor, but I use the chocolate. You find it in the boxed pudding section of the store most of the time, and all you do is add milk, whip with your handheld mixer, and then refrigerate for half an hour.

I put mine into a frosting bag with a pretty star tip and piped it into my spoons.

I then garnished each of the spoons with some of my favorite things in the world… some Jet-Puffed Mallow Bits and some Golden Grahams Cereal. The Jet-puffed Mallow Bits are essentially like little hot cocoa marshmallows, and all you do is sprinkle them on whatever food you’d like– they come in a jar that is just like a parmesan cheese container, but it contains, DUH, marshmallows! Who wouldn’t love that? And, of course, Golden Grahams cereal is just like a delicious graham cracker, in bite-sized form.

In the center of my plate, I arranged squares of Hershey’s chocolate to add more of a campfire s’more feel, and I love how it turned out.

This elegant treat has a real s’mores flavor in it, but the texture is incredible, and it’s an entirely new take on that campfire treat we all know and love. The bonus is that it’s easy, and it’s single-serve, so everyone can just grab a spoon and go.

Who wouldn’t love one of these awesome S’more mousse spoons?






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