All That Glitters Sparkly Pumpkin Tutorial

Sparkly pumpkins seem to be easy enough to make, and they’re a very affordable way to add a little sparkle to a Halloween party or even your front porch. Plus, because there’s no carving, it can be kid-friendly, too.

You’re going to want to start out with a pumpkin or three or twelve that suits your size. We picked out three pie pumpkins from the grocery store of varying sizes that were on sale for 79 cents per pound.

Grab some spray paint. I got my Krylon Spray Paint in satin black for 30% off on sale at Hobby Lobby. Spray it on in short strokes. Try to stay at least 6 inches away from the pumpkin, because otherwise, the paint will blow right off.

Try to hit the pumpkin from varying angles and heights so you can get every curve and dimple of the pumpkin pretty covered. You will have to flip the pumpkin over once it’s dry and spray paint the bottom of the pumpkin, too.

Let the pumpkin dry for at least two hours before starting on a second coat. If you spray paint your second coat while the pumpkin is still wet, it will just make the paint bleed, so waiting helps you really see the areas that need a little extra attention and prevent it from bleeding.

While the pumpkin is still wet, choose your glitter and start sprinkling it on while the pumpkin is still wet. If you let the pumpkin dry first, you’ll have to give it a coat of spray adhesive or brush on glue with a large brush, but since the perfect amount of glitter will stick directly to the pumpkin’s spray paint, why add more work for yourself?

We decided just to glitter the top of our pumpkin, and we also decided that large glitter flakes would stand out more than fine glitter. You can choose the best options for you and your style. Polyester fine glitter also works very well. If you plan to glitter the entire pumpkin, you can put on some rubber gloves to avoid getting paint on your fingers and roll the pumpkin in glitter or sprinkle it on the sides.

Let that dry for several hours. Shake off the extra glitter, and display!

We chose black-on-black for our Death By Chocolate Girls’ Night In Party, but you can go with any color scheme you want… pink on pink, blue on blue, or even your favorite sports team’s colors…. like a Sporting Blue pumpkin with dark blue glitter, or, if soccer’s not your game, a red pumpkin with golden yellow glitter for the Chiefs. There are tons of color schemes you could do, and since the pumpkin is SO easy to create, it’s up to your imagination!

Plus, you can display them in all kinds of fun ways. What about pink-painted glitter pumpkins displayed on black cupcake stands on a little girl’s dresser this fall, or harvest browns, greens, and yellows of different sizes displayed on a mantel? You could have glitter pumpkins in every room of the house!

So, grab your kids, the can of spray paint, and the big can of glitter, and you’re set to go for a budget-friendly no-carve option for Halloween Decorations!





  1. I love this idea. If you are like me and don’t want to spend a lot of money or take up a lot of time, this would be perfect. Thanks again.

  2. I super love glitter, but with three boys Halloween through the Christmas is really the only time I have an opportunity to really go crazy…I love this fun project. Thanks so much for sharing on Show & Tell at SNAP! xoxo

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