But… but… NO!!!

One of the more frustrating things a digital era mom can experience is the death of a computer. My computer has kicked the bucket after 5 loyal years, and, while much of my files look salvageable, my computer is not. Since I am having to borrow time on computers from others, I may not have a regular posting schedule this week.

I apologize that until my computer gets here, my blogging will be spotty at best. It’s the last thing that I want to happen, but at least this will give me plenty of time to plan out some great new things to share with you when my computer is up and running again. Thank you for your loyalty, and I can’t wait to give you new and exciting posts as soon as my new computer arrives!



  1. Every morning when I get on facebook the first thing I do is look and see if you have posted a blog. I enjoy them so much and I learn new things . Thank you.

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