Up to my eyeballs in batter and dough

This week, I am baking a LOT. But not for my blog. It’s kind of unusual for me because 90 percent or more of my baking actually ends up on my blog, even if it’s for some other event, but the projects I’m working on this week are baked goods I’ve already done. Lately, I’ve been baking for a lot of different people, and it seems the more I bake, the more I need to bake to keep up with demand. I love it, because it means I’m baking things I love, but at the same time, holy intimidating, batman! Anytime you’re baking for someone else, you always worry about whether or not it’s perfect enough, or whether it will live up to their expectations.

This week is one of those weeks. First, tomorrow is my brother’s BIRTHDAY! I’m so excited to be making his cake for his celebration tonight, and then to be making cupcakes for the entire cast of his play tomorrow night as a special treat for them. I also have a very exciting event I’ve been looking forward to for months now… Friday I get to present my Duncan Hines award winning cookies to an awesome group of Red Hat Ladies! One of my closest friends that I’ve known for years (in fact, she’s known my mom even longer than she’s known me) and easily one of the biggest supporters of my blog is part of that Red Hat Ladies group and has asked me if I’d come present. I am so beyond thrilled and am looking forward to Friday, but all three of these events means that every single day this week I get to bake!

The baking is keeping me busy, so to make sure my blog isn’t getting neglected, I wanted to share some pretty eye candy with you guys. Pinterest is my favorite place to go to when I’m stumped or not in a baking mood because it always inspires me and perks me up. The past few days I’ve been really browsing cakes. Even though my brother’s cake is not actually anything like the other cakes on pinterest, it’s still helpful to browse cakes to see what others have done to get a few ideas for what I’m doing. I’ve pinned so many amazing cakes the past few days that I just had to share some with you. If you click on the picture, the pin is linked so you can repin if you’d like, or check it out!

Here are some adorable ideas from cakes to cookies that I am absolutely loving right now.

Who wouldn’t love these beautiful stacked sugar cookies from JuliaUsher.com? I love that they’re cookies, but they look just like mini wedding cakes! That would be the perfect favor for a wedding, or just a sweet treat for each guest. Beautiful!

These adorable Owl cookies from Sugarbelle are a favorite of mine because they use cookie cutters I already have! Owls are so trendy right now, but I don’t like buying cookie cutters that can really only be one thing (an owl, or a cat, or something). I like multi-purpose ones. These are perfect for adding new life to flower and heart cookie cutters!

I love this serving idea from Castle Bakery Wales! It takes cupcake from “cool” to “AWESOME!” while still looking super fancy and fun.

This beautiful wedding cake spotted at ProjectWedding.com is right up my alley with bright bright colors, beautiful flowers and swirly twirly patterns. It’s to die for!


This cake shows off the definite trend towards large tiered cakes at events other than weddings. I love how it’s so modern and clean, with cute little spots perfect for a first birthday party! Plus, I’m jealous of the fondant work with the circles… it’s a technique I’m still trying to master.

I can’t help but love these pretty little mini cupcakes (baked in Ketchup Cups, no less!) from Holiday With Matthew Mead. I love how teensy tiny they are, and I think they’d be perfect little mini “faerie cakes” at a faery-themed party or delicate little cakes at a tea party. They’re just too cute to resist!


Almost anyone alive during the 90’s will probably have a special place in their hearts for this adorable Friends-inspired cake! Everything from the couch to the peephole frame is absolutely perfect and friends-y. It makes you want to sit down and sip some coffee from Central Perk, doesn’t it?

This rustic cake spotted at JuxtaPost.com makes me think of vintage hatboxes. It’s so pretty and elegant while having a more “rustic” feel and I just love it!


Purple is easily my favorite color, and with as trendy as ombre is these days, there’s nothing about this cake that isn’t awesome. I love how the ombre (light to dark) is reflected on both the outside AND the inside of the cake! Too cute!

I can’t seem to find the original source of this cake, but I love it. The traditionalist in me has always viewed flowers as an important part of a wedding, but I love this very simple cake decorated with succulents instead– an accent I never would have thought of myself! I also love that the simple and rustic theme was carried to the piece of wood that the cake is positioned on, too. It’s really delightful.


I can’t seem to find the original source for this one, either, but everytime I see a creative use of cake pops, I think of one of my fellow Duncan Hines winners, Brittney from Baked By Brittney, who is a total cake pop guru. This is a really fun way to use cake pops– in place of a cake, even!


This pound cake recipe from Lana’s Cooking seems to be a really good one, and I can’t wait to try it, personally. It looks like it’s going to have all of my favorite fall flavors inside, including pumpkin and those fall-ish spices that everyone loves so much.

I hope you take the time to stop by and check out a few of these, repin them, and comment below letting me know what cakes and cookies are inspiring you at the moment so I can repin them!

Now, it’s back to baking– while I was typing this, one of my cake pans overflowed… that’s what I get for using a different recipe than I’m used to and filling my pans too full! Oops!









  1. Our red hat group is equally excited about having you share with us. I told all of them that they have to bring a potluck dish to share for our lunch. It has to be a recipe they have never tried before so who knows what we will end up with. Bound to be fun.

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