A Very Special Post

I’ve been hinting about big things coming to the blog for a couple of weeks now, and I am so excited to announce that TODAY is the day!

Not only is this officially my 200th post on this blog, but this 200th post is a very special one because there are some huge changes coming.

First, a brand spanking new name! Life as I See It worked really well for the first several years when I didn’t have as many readers, but now, I have a new and special name to better describe what my blog is all about—DigitalEraMom!

You can now find my blog by visiting digitaleramom.com, so if you still have my bookmarked as 867popcorn5309.wordpress.com, you’ll want to update your bookmark so you can keep finding me over here at the new address, which is a lot easier to remember… http://www.digitaleramom.com!

A new name also calls for a new watermark, so from here on out, whenever you see this watermark around the web, on pinterest, or on facebook, you’ll know that it came from my blog.

For years now, Life As I See It has been a great source of recipes, parenting articles, homeschooling tips, and many other things. Digital Era Mom isn’t going to get rid of any of that. Instead, it’s going to be packed with more of everything you love about the old website.

Would you like to keep up to date with me? Go like my page on facebook or follow me on twitter, then go pin with me on pinterest! And thank you all SO much for the support these past several years! It has meant the world to me, and this new chapter as Digital Era Mom wouldn’t be possible without all of you.



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