Review: Citrus Lane Back To School Box

Even though the littlest members of the family aren’t headed off to school this year, that doesn’t mean they can’t be included in the Back To School fun. And that’s why Citrus Lane’s Back To School box is aimed to thrill these littler members of the family, who are going to be learning plenty of things this year, too.

I have to say, this box was very impressive. Or perhaps I’m biased, because it contained a couple of things I’ve been dying to buy! There were a lot of great things (and one slightly less great thing) about this box, so I’m going to get down to business and let you know what I thought of this month’s box.

Skip*Hop Zoo Lunchie Insulated Lunch Bag, $14.00,

(We received the Bee)

Okay, I just have to throw this out there. I’ve been meaning to buy one of these for a very long time, and I am as impressed with it in person as I have been with the photos I’ve seen on the web. I’m seriously thinking about ordering the Hippo for myself, because these are sostinkincute. Seriously, I’m in love. The lunch bag is insulated, and it has a wipe-clean interior, which is awesome, because I can’t tell you how many lunch bags I’ve had go by the wayside because they were a pain to clean. The larger area is great for holding a lunch pack or bento box, and the little mesh pocket can keep napkins, ice packs, utensils, and perhaps a love note from mom safe and sound.

This year for homeschool, we are doing a weekly nature walk and exploring some local nature parks. This lunchie will be perfect for keeping everyone’s water and trail mix safe and secure, so we’re ready to go on our big adventures. Plus, it’s incredibly cute. Did I mention that already?

For those of you who have followed my blog for awhile, you’ll know I’m a Skip*Hop junkie, so this was hands down my favorite item in this box. Plus, Citrus Lane subscribers got a code for 25% off a future purchase! That makes me ponder… do I buy the Hippo lunch tote for me, or the matching Bee Zoo Pack backpack for Zach (which, not going to lie, would also be perfect for toting ponchos and a first aid kit as we explore the trails), or the bento mealtime kit with clix containers? Oh, who am I kidding? I’ll probably just get it all at some point or another. (I’m a junkie, I tell ya!)

Innobaby Keepin’ Fresh Baby Food Storage, $3.75

This is a nice little container for keeping snacks, and I love that it’s safe for the microwave, freezer, and dishwasher. Plus, it doesn’t have any BPA, phthlates, PVC, or lead. The only problem for us? The container is too small for a snack for Zach (he has a big appetite anymore). You’re about to witness the first and only negative thought I’ve ever had about a Citrus Lane choice… I wish that we had either gotten the two-pack of Innobaby containers (they’re sold in a two-pack typically), or that we had gotten another Innobaby product (perhaps the adorable Keepaa juice box holders or a one of their stainless bento boxes). I like the container, but I’m still figuring out how exactly we’re going to use it. For now, it’s in Zach’s kitchen cabinet as a toy, which isn’t exactly how I planned to use it. Subscribers did get a 15% off code for Innobaby, so I may use that to pick up one of the bentos or Keepaas.

Andy Warhol’s Colors Board Book, from Chronicle Books, $6.99

First off, Zach is a total book fiend lately, and I am a huge fan of Andy Warhol, so I can’t say I haven’t had my eye on this book for awhile. I meant to pick it up last time we got a book from Chronicle Books (I’ll See You In the Morning, from another Citrus Lane box, which is also a 100% favorite of Zach’s– we read it EVERY night before bed), but I just keep forgetting to buy it. And now, we have it. This super cute book features stunning pop art from Andy Warhol, set to a great rhyme about animals and colors. It’s very modern-art, and I love it, because Zach is so interested in art right now that this is a good baby step into the art world.

Subscribers also got 20% off plus free ground shipping at Chronicle Books. The problem won’t be using the 20% off… it will be narrowing my selections down to fit into my budget. Books are my downfall, and since Zach is a huge fan of books, too, we’ll be picking up several with our coupon code. Plus, there are plenty of great picks for myself and our 11 year old homeschooler, so I know we’ll be nabbing quite a few of the books.

Plum Organics Tots Yogurt Mish Mash, Plum Organics, $1.69

I have to confess, I thought “There’s no way Zach will eat this.” He hasn’t eaten a puree in forever, because he feels like he’s too grown up for them. When he grabbed the mish mash, I thought it might be worth trying to get him to eat some. I opened the top, put it in his mouth, and JEEZ! He sucked that thing down as quickly as he could. I swear, the whole pouch lasted less than a minute. He loved it, and I love that he got some spinach in, too, since he has been a little veggie-picky the past week or two. Since he’s still a yogurt fan, and he loves apples, I think those masked the taste. Oh, he did drip some on my hand, and I tasted it, and it was actually pretty yum. We’re no stranger to Plum Organics and we love the products they have (the Grammy Sammies are a fave around here, and we also love the puffs). I’m thinking we’ll be stocking up on a multi-pack of the mish mashes considering we have a $2.00 off coupon from our box this month.

DP Stain & Odor Remover,, $3.99

The DP stain and odor remover touts itself as a green answer to stinky spit-ups, yucky food spills, potty accidents, and even sour milk that’s dried in. I’m pretty sure if this stuff works, it will be mom’s best friend. I haven’t tried it out yet, but with a dog and a baby, I’m sure it won’t be long before I give it a shot. Additionally, I can buy one 24 oz bottle and get one free using a code just for Citrus Lane subscribers. Nice.


My overall thoughts on this box were very positive. It’s one of my favorite boxes I’ve gotten, because of the Skip*Hop lunchie and the Andy Warhol board book. With that said, I do feel like the margin between cost of a Citrus Lane box ($25/month) and value (actual total cost of items in the box) has gotten smaller recently… it used to be that a Citrus Lane box would be valued at $60-$90, and to me, that was a HUGE deal. I still think Citrus Lane is an amazing value, and I still think that a subscription is well worth it. I feel like the best part of Citrus Lane is that it exposes you to brands and products you may have never heard of (for me, DP was a new brand this month, and I have very little experience with InnoBaby, so that’s reasonably new to me, as well). I think that there are many great things that Citrus Lane introduces me to, and for that, I am still a huge fan and subscriber. Plus, because the contents vary from month to month, I may get next month’s box and be blown away by the value. You never know. For me, even if the box cost vs. box value has a smaller margin this time around, I still love the products I got, and feel that this ranks in my top 3 boxes I’ve ever gotten from Citrus Lane. They really know what they’re doing in terms of curating great boxes for moms and kids. Even our 11 year old said he wanted a Skip*Hop lunchie. The products are adorable and fun, and each and every one of our can’t-live-without-products seems to have come from a Citrus Lane box, from favorite book to favorite toy to favorite bath toy to favorite snack, it’s all brands Citrus Lane has brought into our home.

If you haven’t yet subscribed to Citrus Lane, I highly recommend you give it a shot. It’s worth trying out for a month or two and seeing if you like it. I have never met anyone who wasn’t a fan after receiving a box of it!

Click the Citrus Lane logo in the sidebar if you’re ready to sign up! If you got this month’s Citrus Lane box, comment below and let me know what your favorite product from this month’s box was! (If you can’t tell, ours was the Skip*Hop lunchie!)



  1. Do they have boxes for old people? If they are as good as you say it would be worth the money. As always thank you for a very informative blog.

  2. I was a witness to his eating the mish mash apple stuff. Oh my he sucked it down and wanted more. He really liked it alot.

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