Why Julep Is Awesome (If you let it work for you)

If you haven’t heard of the newest craze sweeping the internet, then you may actually be living under a rock (because if my Citrus Lane posts are any indication, it may be here to stay). Subscription commerce is the new “daily deal” it seems, and every niche under the sun has a subscription commerce package. Interested in organic products? EcoEmi is there to help. Want kids clothes? No problem, just head to Wittlebee. Feeling girly and want new cute panties delivered to your door each month? Yup, PantybyPost covers that one.

But one of my new up-and-coming favorites is Julep. And, by new, I mean they’ve been around for a year, but still. It’s relative. See, Julep is perfect for a nail polish fiend like me. Before I had Zach, I almost always had painted piggies, because, well, it was the little thing I could do to make a big impact on feeling pretty. I like nail polishes, and for the longest time, would schlep to Sephora each month to pick up the newest nail polish trends.

After having Zach, I let my polishing fall to the wayside. I was bored with the colors I had, but who wants to drag an infant kicking and screaming through a fragile nail polish aisle? So, I quit painting my fingers and toes, and I just ignored it.

Recently, though, I stumbled upon a very affordable trial of Julep, and decided to give it a go. After all, if I hated it, I wasn’t out much money. So, I filled out their quick style profile, and they paired me with some polishes (two polishes and an awesome pedicure lotion!) They billed me and shipped the pretties out to me, and the moment the polishes arrived, I got down to painting.

I wouldn’t usually pick a bright pink and a pale lilac, but as soon as I got them on, I was :in LOVE:. Why had I avoided these colors for so long? They were so cute! I used those polishes all month, until it was time for the next box.

And then I did something really dumb.

See, Julep had picked some cute colors for me according to my Style Profile, but I wanted to pick different colors, so I switched to another style just for that month (which, by the way, you can totally do… you’re always able to switch to a new style or pause your subscription for the month). The colors were hot when I saw them on my computer, but then I waited, and waited, and they arrived, and they were beautiful… but they weren’t, well, ME.

Later that month, I had a chance to see the colors I would have gotten if I would have just stuck with the style Julep had selected. I realized after seeing them that they were VERY me, and I should have just stuck it out with the style they chose. They’re very good at what they do. If you let them do it, that is. If you’re like me, and want to have all of the control, there’s no real guarantee that you’re going to like what they chose.

One thing that really impresses me abut Julep is their customer service. It seems like when you subscribe to a subscription commerce service, it’s hit or miss on the customer service, but I’ve gotten very lucky with the fact that both of my subscription commerce companies have been fantastic in terms of service.

Last month, Julep had a minor system glitch. My credit card was charged shipping for my box (around $5), but as a subscriber, I should not have had to pay shipping. Before I had ever even noticed the issue on my checking account, I already had an email from Julep saying something to the tune of “We’re sorry we screwed up! We’ll reverse the charges– ALL of them!” So, the entire box came free, which was really sweet, considering I would have been perfectly happy if they just refunded the amount they overcharged me by.

They really went out of their way to head off the problem before it even came to my attention, and I like that. I hate when a company waits for me to find their mistake, and email them, and talk back and forth for days, and then a solution happens.

Julep isn’t like that. They’re awesome.

So, what are you waiting for? Try it out. Each month on the 24th, you’ll get an email with your polish picks for the month. Don’t like them? You have until the 27th to change to a new style, skip a month altogether, or have your box mailed to a friend (instead of to you. But you’d still pay. Like a gift, y’know?) You can, of course, cancel your subscription with no hassle or strings, as well.

At only $19.99 each month, to me, it’s worth it. It’s high-quality polish, selected especially for my style, and I don’t have to drive all the way up to Sephora just to have pretty nails. It’s always exciting to get mail, and this is one of those boxes that is JUST for me.

I don’t see myself leaving Julep any time soon, and trust me, when you subscribe, you’ll get the Julep bug, too. Don’t come back and blame me if you start watching nail polish tutorials for fun techniques like water marbling long after your children have gone to sleep, because I’m so warning you right now that it’s going to happen.

Click on the image below to head over to Julep and check it out! Want to try it out almost totally risk free? Yeah, well, it’s easy. It will literally only cost you 1 penny. Total. Including shipping and everything. Use the code COLOR2012 and fill out the style profile. Enter your information, and they’ll only charge 1 cent to your card. You can try it with no hassle and no risk. And if you’re not a fan? Just cancel it after that.



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