A Lazy Saturday

As you’ve probably seen the past few weeks, I tend not to post blog posts on the weekend.

I wanted to give a little explanation and insight into this…

During the week, most of my time and energy goes into this blog. Beyond the actual posts, there are photos to edit, posts to write and re-write, there are recipes to be created (some of which never make it to the blog), and there are guest posts and other blogging jobs I have.

On the weekends, I completely unwind. I step away from the computer and take long naps with my son. I clean a little bit. I catch up on any TV shows I missed during the week. I help my mom come up with activities for the foreign exchange students. I play a few facebook games. I just do everything that it’s harder to do during the week when I’m blogging.

Today, I am taking a lazy Saturday. I’m relaxing, I’m closing photoshop down for the weekend, which means I’m not editing pictures for the blog or working on anything. I’m wearing pajamas, switching from coffee to herbal tea, and letting my hair down. After baking all day yesterday for an upcoming post, I’m avoiding the kitchen as much as possible.

At the end of this week, school will be starting. To-do lists will be growing. Things will be happening. New exchange students will be moving in (and some students we temporarily hosted will be making the move to permanent homes in the near future). In anticipation of all of this, this Saturday is one of my last opportunities to literally do nothing.

What are your plans for this weekend? Are you filling it with tons of tasks, or are you just taking the day off?

See you Monday, everybody!


One comment

  1. I have done a few tasks but mostly reading and looking at facebook. Tomorrow is Church and Monday is jury duty. So I am taking it easy also.

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