Tonight, I was going through some old stuff. And I just grabbed a trash bag, and started piling a good chunk of that old stuff into the trash bag.

I realized, I’m sitting here with a ton of junk I don’t need. Now mind you, had any of that stuff been truly useful to someone, I would have made an effort to put it on freecycle or something. But at this point, it was just… junk. Things I don’t need. Things I don’t really picture anyone needing.

So I just threw it out. Two trashbags worth. I imagine I still have plenty of junk I could still get rid of, things I never use, things I’ll never use again (if I used them the first time).

The older I’ve gotten, the more I’ve realized something. I have a tendency to collect things I don’t need. But sometimes, I really need to get rid of the stuff I’m not using to make room for newer, much cooler stuff. Sometimes that newer, much cooler stuff isn’t even stuff at all. Sometimes, it’s just space.

In scrapbooking, it’s called white space. It’s just… empty space, that is typically used to draw attention to what’s most important. And I realized that it’s sometimes hard for me to see what’s important because there’s not enough so-called “white space” in my life.

So, I’m opening a third trash bag. And I’m opening my heart and mind to see what’s really important, so I can start making some white space in my room, in my schedule, in my life.

I think it’s a good thing. Now I can see what’s truly important, and what’s just cluttering my mind at the moment.



  1. I think all of us need to do this. I know I have some closets I could go through and clear out. Now you are making me feel either guilty or motivated.

  2. I am been planning for weeks to purge my closet. So I guess I will get started on that today. I don’t know whether to say thanks or not. I will let you know later.

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