Monday at Dauphin Island

After exploring the island on Sunday, our Monday tends to be more laid back.

We decided to spend some time at the pool. This is one of the few times that my mom actually left the condo, because she was struggling with some serious illness at the time. It was great to see her spending time with Zach at the pool– they had a blast!

My grandma was at the pool with us, too!

Later that day, we decided to head to the Treasure Trove. I love the Treasure Trove– it’s so much fun to spend time exploring the fun souvenirs that they have, from postcards and tee shirts to pirate coins and windchimes. The entire store is held in what used to be a church, as you can tell by the beautiful architecture of the building!

For me, it’s a tradition each year to buy one of the anklets they have there. Typically they have some sort of colored beads or shells on it, and the colors are said to each symbolize a different “wish”– wealth, or luck, or friendship, perhaps– and you tie it on. When it falls off, it’s said that your wish will come true. This year, I selected a pink bracelet for love.

Another great thing about Treasure Trove is that out front, they have one of my favorite kinds of flowers in the whole world! I can never resist snapping a picture or five!

Plus, the Treasure Trove parking lot is the perfect place to stop and get a great snapshot of the beautiful, iconic Dauphin Island water tower. The water tower is literally the first thing you see on the island, and it’s fun curvy shape and beautiful style makes it one of my favorite features of the island.

After our trip to the Treasure Trove, it was time to buy sno cones and head home, where we could spend the rest of the day napping, reading, or enjoying the day at our leisure.

If you’re interested in visiting the Island, you can check out more information on their chamber of commerce page at or find them on facebook!

Stay tuned as I bring you more updates from our recent trip to Dauphin Island!



  1. I love this place. It is the best place to relax and enjoy peace and quiet without all the tourist places. This island has so much to offer. You never have time to be bored. Love love love it.

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