Citrus Lane Little Artists July Box Review… Plus a GIVEAWAY! (CLOSED)

If you are here for the giveaway, you will find details at the bottom on how to enter!


This post is far overdue. Between vacation, Zach’s birthday party, and my sister being in town from Germany, I pretty much opened the box and promptly forgot about posting until I looked at my calendar and went “Oh my gosh! I haven’t posted that yet!” That, and one lovely reader emailed me saying “I missed your thoughts on this month’s Citrus Lane box!” Thank you, thank you, thank you, sweet reader– I had honestly thought I posted it already! Oops!

So here it is, without further ado, my thoughts on this month’s Citrus Lane box.

First off, whoever came up with the theme Little Artists is a genius. My son is a very artistic child- it’s just his strong suit. When he was six months old, I gave him his first tambourine and maracas. He had a blast playing with them, truly loving the sounds you could make. He loves to find ways to drum on everything. He learned to hold a crayon early and loves to color, especially at restaurants. He is just very interested in art, everything from music to drawing. This box is perfect for him!

Wee Can Too Veggie Art Kit, $19.99, from

Wee Can Too makes some really cool art supplies. I mean, they’re truly spectacular and innovative. You see, Zach loves to color, but he also sometimes has the habit of getting his crayon and his french fry mixed up and chewing on the wrong thing. With Wee Can Too crayons, I don’t have to worry about it. The set in our Citrus Lane box this month came with two crayons and two finger paint powders (you mix the paint powder with water to get a fun paint consistency!) All of the products are made from organic edibles, which means when Zach is finger painting and puts his hand in his mouth, it’s absolutely okay! The paints and crayons are vegan, wheat free, with no added sugar, and no preservatives.

Plus, the great thing about Wee Can Too is that for my local readers (in the Kansas City area), you can purchase it at MommyShop KC without having to order online, and for my international readers, Wee Can Too is a brand that ships internationally! You just have to contact them via their website for information about international shipping costs! That means kids everywhere can enjoy this awesome art supply company!

Putumayo Playground Sampler CD, $5.00,

We love this CD. We popped it in and danced to the whole thing! The sampler is a great variety of world music, which we love to listen to. Because our family has hosted foreign exchange students for eight years now, we really enjoy listening to music from a variety of countries and cultures, and this CD gives us the opportunity to continue listening. The CD is now in our car, so we can continue to enjoy it on the voyage to the grocery store, or wherever we may be headed.

Pop And Lolli “Bolt” Decal, 1 decal from a 16 piece set ($67.00 for the 16-piece set),

Bolt, the decal we received, is the cutie-pie on the right. I love these decals, and I love that they’re made from fabric, so they seem a bit more durable than a lot of decals, and the hand-drawn sort of style of Pop and Lolli is super cute. I’m a bit sad that there aren’t any styles to match Zach’s room, because I’m sure we’d proudly display Pop and Lolli decals, if we could only find some to match. Bottom line: They’re darling, but they’re not right for us. Definitely check out the site, though, because the high quality is really great, and maybe you’ll find decals that will suit your style!

Hohner Music Toddler Tambourine, $11.00,

We got a lovely turquoise tambourine, and we are in love. As I mentioned above, Zach has a tambourine already, but he is in love with this one. For one, it’s easier to hold and shake, and it also makes a different noise than his other tambourine, so it’s perfect! He has a blast singing and playing with this tambourine. It’s so fun, and I love seeing how excited he is about music! I will definitely be buying more Hohner products in the future, because I love the high quality and I love how affordable they are. Plus, I value anything that keeps my son interested in music, so I find their products thrilling. I definitely rank this as one of my favorite companies that Citrus Lane has introduced me to!

Babyganics Toy and Table Cleaner, $3.99,

Babyganics is a very cool brand. It was created by two new dads who happen to be clean freaks. It cleans everything up really well, while still keeping it kid-safe. They sell everything from diapering care and sunscreens to cleaning supplies you know and love– like laundry care, dishwasher detergent, and cleaning wipes. And the prices aren’t terrible, either. The products are available online, as well as in my favorite store for kids EVER (Buy Buy Baby), and in other stores like Babies R Us, which means when you run out, it’s easy to find more.

Minted $35.00 offer,

Minted is a very cool site offering plenty of great photo items, from art prints to baby announcements and invitations! I have had a great experience with them before and I am so excited to have $35 to spend on the brand new art prints or any other Minted item I can use!

As you can see, yet again, Citrus Lane is an amazing company with amazing goodies in each box. It is well worth the $25 each month because not only do you get more than your money’s worth in the products you receive, but you also get to be the cool mom that knows the latest and greatest in brands for babies and toddlers. I always feel so ahead of the curve when I am talking to the moms I know and can tell them “You know what brand I love for sunscreen for my son? Episencial.” Plus, every Citrus Lane box comes with an insert giving you plenty of advice, plus information about each product you purchased and where to find it, which means not only do you know you will love all of these great brands, but you also know more information about them, and where you can buy more for that day when you inevitably run out. Plus, every box is tailored for your child’s gender and age, making it pitch-perfect for your child, exactly at their stage of development. Way to go, Citrus Lane!

Of course, if you want a Citrus Lane subscription of your very own, head over to my sidebar and click on the Citrus Lane logo where you can purchase a 1, 3, 6, or 12 month subscription for your little one (or a friend! Subscriptions make GREAT gifts!)

But if you want to try Citrus Lane out…. here’s the easiest, best way. Remember last month’s Fun in the Sun box filled with all kinds of great goodies like sand toys and a SPF 50 hat? Well, guess what I have to give away?

Because WordPress is sometimes picky and won’t let me post my rafflecopter giveaway, all you have to do is visit my page Life As I See It on facebook and click on the Giveaway tab, where you’ll find a widget with a list of ways you can enter. You may want to open it in a new tab so you can come back and leave a comment here (that’s how you earn your first entry!) Good luck!



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