On the Road Again

It seems like lately, we have done nothing but travel, travel, travel. As I mentioned in last night’s blog post, I’m currently visiting my grandmother for her birthday. In a few short hours, I will be leaving here to visit my grandfather for a few days. From there, I’ll return home with only two days to spare before I head off to New Jersey for my Duncan Hines’ trip.

Following my Duncan Hines’ trip, I’ll have less than two weeks before I head to my grandfather’s house again, and from his house, I will head down to my annual vacation destination, a full 11 hours from his house (which is four hours away from my house).

The trip I’m currently on comes only a couple of weeks after my last trip down to visit each of my grandparents.

It seems that time has truly been moving very quickly, that I’ve been on the road much of the past couple of months, and it seems I will continue to be on the road for the month to come. It is so wonderful getting to see family and friends, and getting to travel to unique destinations and try out new places that I can enjoy.

What is difficult is those times when you come home, unpack your bags, throw the dirty items into the laundry, and as those are washing, re-pack your bags with clean clothing because in a few short days, you’ll be leaving again. We have been keeping our bags packed almost non-stop, and it seems some days that we are living our of our luggage at times. Some times we will get home and pack for two or three of our trips at once, because there’s just not enough time between them to re-pack, so we pack in different bags and grab the next one upon arriving home.

So, sometimes, when I’m away for a day or two, it’s not because I don’t love you, because I’m neglecting my blog. My internet access is spotty at times, but I assure you I have many great blog posts coming your way.

Is summer a busy traveling season for you? What sort of travel plans do you have coming up?



  1. I love to travel but I am not sure I would want to travel as much as you have been doing. As for your next trip I am so proud of you I could bust. Tell Granny 16 that I said “hi”

  2. That’s quite a lot of traveling indeed! being organized definitely helps, but it’s still hard to live out of the suitcase! (((hugs))) and enjoy!

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