You may have noticed a few things changing around my blog and social media sites recently. As in, a lot of changes, a complete overhaul. I wanted to provide a little bit of explanation about why I made so many changes to the whole thing recently, and about how I’m hoping to better serve you, as readers. Here’s a little about what I’ve been working on behind the scenes, and why I’ve been working on it.

A cohesive new look

If you’ve checked out my pages before, you probably noticed that my facebook page had one banner set, my blog had another, and my Twitter account had another background entirely… none of it fit together, none of it looked alike, and there was no general theme or branding. Now, you will noticed that when you visit each of those, you’ll see the same colors, same idea, and same styles across each of them. You will see the yellow chevron background, the hints of blue and green, and the soft colors chosen for the entire thing. My new colors and chevron style also extends to my new business cards for my blog, and the same colors extend to my new page. The page is a landing page for my social media, and will be able to link you to my blog, my twitter account, and my facebook page, so you’ll know where to contact me on each website. I think now would be a great time to give a huge huge huge shout-out to Kristin Cronin-Barrow over at Sweet Shoppe Designs. She was gracious enough to let me use her designs from the kit Vitamin D on all of my re-branding… that pretty yellow chevron pattern you’re seeing everywhere (along with all of the other delicious prints and items?) yeah, she MADE those. Isn’t she the best? As soon as I purchased the kit, I was in love, and I knew it would fit my re-design perfectly.

New Business Cards

Why exactly does a blogger need business cards? Well, let me tell you. Suppose I am chatting with someone, whether they’re another blogger, or a representative for a brand. We hit it off, and I think that they could provide great input for my blog, whether it’s a certain blog partnership or guest blog trade off (I post on their blog as a guest, and they come and post on mine, so we both can share our expertise with each others’ readers, and everyone– the bloggers and readers from both blogs– wins), or a brand partnership so I can bring you great new information about brands (and in the future, hopefully some giveaways), or whatever else. Before, if I wanted to get in touch with them, I could hand them a generic business card made for my other business, or I could hand them a scrap of paper with my info on it, or something like that. Now, instead, I can hand them a business card that shows my blog off. Not only does it share that same cohesive look with my blog, but I added a QR code on it. Not familiar with a QR code? It’s a code that you can scan with your smartphone, and it will take you to a certain place on the web (you can also program QR codes to display text instead of a webpage, or to add yourself as a contact in someone’s phone, but for my purposes, it’s just to take them to a place on the web). Where will my QR code direct people? Straight to my page, which gives them the opportunity to follow me on twitter, facebook, and my blog! See how that works out?

More opportunities to connect

This one is straightforward, since I’ve already mentioned it several times… now, it’s easier than ever to connect with me across all of my social media… You can click on my pretty little picture over there on the top right-hand corner of my blog to go to my page and find my other accounts. Below that, I also have my twitter and facebook accounts in that same sidebar, so you can also follow them from right here on my blog. I love it when my blog readers tweet me or talk to me via facebook, so don’t hesitate to do both or either… you can give me ideas of posts you want to see in the future, ask me questions (both personal and blog-related), and just connect with me. That’s the best part of blogging is getting to connect with my readers!

Easier Sharing

Did I write something that is particularly inspiring to you? Do you want to share it on facebook, pin it, tweet it, email it to a friend, or print it? At the bottom of each post, you’ll now find buttons to make it easier than ever to tell others about what you read!

Streamlined Focus

I’ve now worked hard to streamline exactly what my blog is about, by coming up with this. I am blogging about being a digital-era mom and casual foodie. That means you’ll primarily see topics about parenting (especially in this day and age) and about food and recipes. However, you’ll also occasionally see posts about homeschooling, trips I go on, and more, especially if they fall into the categories of food and parenting.

Yellow? Blue?

So why did I choose these colors specifically? Well, I’m going to be honest, my favorite color in the world is purple… so why did I choose two different colors for my blog? Well, I decided on yellow and blue for several reasons. First, I think the combination of the two is just stellar… I’m addicted to purchasing items in this color scheme. They just compliment each other so perfectly, and I love how soft the colors feel together.

I also am a huge fan of color psychology. I love the way that colors can set a mood for what you’re talking about.

Growing up, my mother always used to call me her Sunshine. In fact, our song was “You Are My Sunshine,” which is why I loved the little quote from the song in Kristin’s kit, which I used above, on my header. Yellow is the color of sunshine. And, you know what? Yellow makes you happy. It’s joyful, it’s happy, it brings energy, and it’s often used to symbolize intellect. It’s warm. It helps stimulate mental activity. And, well, to put it bluntly, a lot of times, it’s associated with food. And honestly, I love to talk about and write about food. Yellow just feels fresh… a fresh start, a fresh look, a fresh page. Yellow seems to feel child-like, and well, with food and parenting being my primary topics around here, the fact that yellow can be representative of both definitely gets my attention. Plus, yellow is spontaneous. If you’ve been reading my blog for very long, you’ll realize in many ways, that I am, too.

As yellow is the color of sunlight, blue is the color of the sky. The work together, while still contrasting against each other. Blue is very symbolic of trust, of wisdom, and of faith. All three of those things are very important to me. Many psychologists have found that blue is very beneficial to the mind and body. It’s calming. It’s tranquil (have you ever sat near the blue ocean? Yeah, it’s kind of like that). Blue is sincere. I’m sincere. See how that works? Blue is understanding… and it’s soft. The only downside to blue? It suppresses appetite, and as a food blog, well, I don’t want to do too much to suppress your appetites, because, well, that kind of kills me in the food category. That’s why I chose it as an accent color!

So, as you can see, I put a lot of thought into my colors, my color scheme, and the overall look. Plus, duh, I just really like the colors.

I really hope you guys like the re-design and the new look. If you’re an email subscriber and haven’t had the chance to stop by my twitter, facebook, blog, or pages, I hope you’ll give it a quick look. I would love to know what you guys think of the new look, so definitely sound off in the comments below, or on my social media sites!



  1. I already mentioned it, but I love the new look! How cool of Kristin to let you use those gorgeous goodies! And I love the thoughts behing those changes, it’s great to know what brought you there too! ❤

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