Spring Break and the Return of Community

It’s Spring Break here, actually, the tail end of spring break, and I feel like it’s been a really nice one.

See, the average high in Kansas for the month of March is around 55 degrees. Not bad, but still a bit chilly. Especially because that’s the high- it can dip much lower than that. This March, though, we’ve experienced mostly 70-80 degree days. Today, in fact, it’s forecast to be 83 degrees. Seriously? 83? We’ve had our windows open the entire week, and it’s been so refreshing. My only concern is what it foreshadows for summer.

All of this is good and fine, and then there’s the best part of this spring break.

I realize I’m about to alienate about half of my audience. If you’re not a Community fan (or rather, aren’t interested in hearing about it at all), I give you full permission to either skip to the end, or just leave the post. I won’t be mad. I might cry, but I’ll survive it. Make sure you come back, though, because I promise I talk about more than just Community on this blog.

There’s this show, and I’ve only mentioned one or two or fifty times that I love it. But seriously, I love this show. There’s not a single episode that I don’t think is hilarious. If you’ve seen Community, you likely know what I mean. I’ve seen the entire series so far about 7 times now, and every time I watch it, I see or hear something new. For example, the Beetlejuice joke that took three seasons to work on. Or that time where Abed delivered a baby in the background of an episode and very few people noticed it (he commented on it near the end of season 2). There are plenty of inside jokes, Easter eggs, and silly happenings in the show… also, paintball! You just have to pay attention.

I know the show isn’t a huge moneymaker (but on NBC, what is?) but it has a rabid, obsessive fanbase who would do anything for that show (including create a flash mob and tweet #sixseasonsandamovie relentlessly). So, because of the rabid fanbase, when NBC put Community on hiatus, fans were outraged. Truly, seriously, outraged. Including myself. We shouldn’t have been surprised… after all, Arrested Development had a similarly rabid fanbase, only to get canceled. Don’t get me started on shows like Spaced, either.

Well, finally, after a long wait (the last episode was in December, yo), we ended up getting our beloved Community back, and it was like welcoming old family. Last night’s episode was not, by any means, the funniest episode or the most exciting, but it did end up providing a lot of laughs, and some huge revelations.

*Spoiler alert*

It led to Britta figuring out that she’s destined to be a housewife (as she put it, one of those “Steppenwolf Wives,” no less…) To me, there’s nothing more fitting for her character that swears she’ll never end up that way, than for her to end up that way.

It also led to Shirley and Andre to have another argument, only to make up, but honestly, who really sees this marriage lasting? After all, the first time kind of failed.

Plus, normal Troy and Abed? No-freakin-way.

It was a great episode, and I, like all of the fans, are so happy Community is back. I’ve heard the last half of the season holds a lot of crazy things (an episode where Abed and Annie are in the Dreamatorium the entire time, Chang having an Army, and more). I’m just ready to see it.

Oh, and Arrested Development fans, if you don’t already have Netflix, you should probably get it before they air their exclusive season of the show- it’s all new, back, and supposedly better than ever, coming soon, and only on Netflix (insert shameless plug here). Hey, if I’m getting Arrested Development episodes, I’m not complaining.

Have a happy spring! How’s the weather there? Any favorite shows you’ve got on the air, or coming back soon?



  1. I don’t want too much tv, but my favorite, Dancing With The Stars (DWTS) is back for a new season next Monday…… and Celebrity Apprentice i’ve been watching for a few weeks now, always gets me laughing!

    1. I love Celebrity Apprentice, but I’m sad that my favorite this year has already been eliminated. I wanted George Takei to go all the way! (Of course, I knew from the start that it wasn’t going to happen!)

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