I’m Dreaming of a New Laundry Room…

I’m going to be honest. I absolutely hate laundry with a passion. I know this isn’t a foreign feeling to most moms, or most people in general, but I really truly hate it.

But honestly, when I get to thinking about it, it’s not the actual act of laundry I hate. I actually find laundry incredibly relaxing. There’s something about loading, sorting, pouring, measuring, shifting, and cleaning that has a natural relaxation property to it. Or maybe I’m just getting high on detergent fumes, who knows? But I’ve come to realize that the thing that I hate isn’t laundry itself.

It’s the space that I have to do the laundry in.

Think about the worst possible place in your home you could imagine a laundry room being. You could first think of the ideal places… perhaps a laundry room on the same level as your closet, so there’s no lugging laundry up and down the stairs. You’d want a laundry room that is well-lit, with a lot of natural light… you can see the stains easier, and you’d be able to catch them before you dry those darn little suckers in. You’d want a space that’s bright, cheery, and organized, so you can find what you’re looking for, and the time in your laundry room is a happy, cheery, relaxing time. You’d probably want to go with a calming color, too, right?

Let me tell you about my laundry room. First, it’s in the basement, which means any time I want to do a load or two, I have to load up the hamper, and lug the whole thing downstairs. Then I have to lug the whole basket back upstairs when it’s done. Typically this means I wait until Zach and I are scraping the bottom of our closets and dressers to do laundry, because walking up and downstairs is not really my forte due to my knee issues. I would much rather avoid stairs altogether because they’re painful, and really, who wants to lug a basket or hamper up and down it? The next issue with it being in the basement isn’t the stairs, but instead, it’s the lighting. Have you ever tried to get a good chunk of natural light into a basement? I’m not talking one of those walkout basements or a daylight basement… I’m talking an honest-to-goodness storm shelter no-windows kind of basement. One of those basements. I mean, we have those awesome small window well windows… but those aren’t really enough to get some light into, know what I mean? So the natural light down there is next to nothing. Further, we have harsh, glaring, uncovered fluorescent lights, which are literally the least forgiving lights of all time… they seem to strain my eyes every time I’m down there.

Add to that that there isn’t a ton of space, and that the space we do have isn’t as well organized as we’d like, and, well… you see now why I’m avoiding my laundry room, right? As I type this, I’m on my very last pair of pants, and Zach has been wearing sleepers instead of onesie-pant combos for days because I simply want to use up all of our clothing before I make that dreaded trip down. I mean, it’s not like we’re in dirty clothes- they’re clean, and season-appropriate. But seriously, is it too much to ask of me to go down and wash Zach’s jeans so he can wear a onesie instead of looking like a lazy grub in pajamas all day? Poor kid.

I am doing laundry at the moment, but honestly, I hate making that trek. Instead, I find myself staring at pinterest, looking at the laundry rooms I’d love to have. I pick out the elements of my perfect laundry room, and pin things obsessively. I have a pinboard for every room of my future house, filled with ideas of exactly what I want from each one, and the laundry room is no less deserving of a pinboard. I know that I’ve tackled projects from pinterest before (like Zach’s bookshelf, which I get a ton of compliments over). I’ve even got my mom convinced that we should add a room onto our house and make it into a laundry room. Dad isn’t so convinced, but, well… he’s the one who would be burdened with the task of adding the room.

Anyway, here are a few of my favorite images of laundry rooms, plucked straight off of my Laundry Room pinboard.

Image from houseandhome.com

Check out this stunning laundry room. It’s my dream laundry room, from the beautiful large windows promising natural light, to the stone floors with a cozy rug. I also love that, with the door to the great outdoors, it doubles as a mudroom, so the messiest clothes from outside never have to see the rest of the house until they’re clean. The open counterspace, the sink space, everything about this is so inspiring. I could see me with a laundry room like this, the only change being adding a high efficiency top loading washer instead of a front loading washing machine. Beautiful!

This amazing laundry room has so many great features. I love the basket storage (our baskets tend to sit on the floor of the laundry room) and the hooks are a great choice! I want hooks in our laundry room to make hanging up shirts a little easier… then I wouldn’t have to hold the hanger in my mouth as I slip the shirt over it and button it… I could just hang it on that hook right there, and button it facing the shirt. Easy-peasy. The only downside? We would have to get rid of our army of hodge-podge baskets and actually get a set that matches. Though, I don’t suppose that’s a downside really at all.


From dwellerswithoutdecorators.com

Opposite view of room from DwellerswithoutDecorators.com

Okay, now clearly I’m just having wishful thinking now… this is a stunning laundry room, but perhaps it goes a little above my space, budget, and scale of laundry room. Isn’t it pretty, though?

From elledecor.com

This may be the best laundry room color I’ve ever seen. Look at how fun it is, while still looking crisp and clean against the white details? I love how the color just flows through and makes it a happy space. I swear if I ever got a laundry room like this, I’d paint it a fun color like the teal featured here. I also like that desk… do you think if I said “Hey, I’m going to do laundry?” and took my computer with me, I’d actually (dare I say it) blog more? Eh, it’s unlikely, but it was worth a shot.

From Houzz.com

If I weren’t to go with that swanky teal, I may have to go with this lovely country green (it’s more likely my mother would agree to this color than the blue!) The floor-to-ceiling cabinets have so much potential, and I love the sink beneath the window. That would be perfect for rinsing out onesies that have been affected by a nasty blowout before putting them in the wash. Since I don’t have a sink in my current laundry room, I have to wash them out upstairs and then head down to the laundry room to wash them… not nearly as awesome as having a sink in the same room!

Finally, these decorative touches are the perfect additions to any laundry room… maybe they’d be a good starting place for the space I currently have?

From lovestitched.com

First, you cannot go wrong with this amazing tutorial over at lovestitched.com. She spells out step by step exactly how to make this beauty for your own laundry room- the image is linked to her tutorial. I cannot tell you the number of times I’ve taken a load out of the washer or dryer only to find that half of the clothes have been ruined or near-ruined by a stray lipstick, or the number of coins I’ve lost because I put them in the wash without checking my pockets first, and someone else pulled them out of the wash to do their own laundry (of course, I’ve gained a lot of coins by this same technique, so I can’t complain too much). I think this would be a great idea to remind everyone to stop and check our pockets, and it might prevent the loss of something a little more valuable (like a cell phone!)

From RamblingAsUsual.blogspot.com

I love the RamblingAsUsual blog, because so many times, the author says so much of what I’m thinking. She has a great post over there about the prodigal sock, so click the image to read it. It’s kind of a running joke in my house that Zach’s socks never stick together. One load will come up with one sock, and then a week later a load will finally come up with the other. I don’t know how they manage to get in separate loads- after all, they go into the hamper together! A missing sock wall would be perfect, because many times, by the time I find the second sock, I’ve lost the first. I’ve actually thrown a few of my own socks away because I’ve gone months without finding their mate… only to have the mate turn up only days after I’ve tossed them. A missing sock wall would be perfect in our home!

Of course, I know that there is a chance that even if I had the laundry room of my dreams, I still would put off doing laundry. But I like to think that if I had this special space, that I’d really enjoy using it, and would actually get some laundry done. It’s not too unusual of an idea, is it?

What inspirations for the home have you been noticing on pinterest lately? Are you tempted to re-do a room in your house because of what you’ve found? Is your laundry room like mine (impossible to use and incredibly frustrating?) or would I be envious of it, too?

And further, are you on pinterest (who isn’t these days?)? Feel free to look me up over there- jengerbread88. I’d love to follow your boards and see what you’re pinning, too!



  1. I love the ideas can we build now. Ha ha
    I would go with the blue room or any of them for that matter.

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