My Road to a 5k

Several years ago, when I was a teen, bright-eyed and much more optimistic, my doctor sat me down for a talk after my 3rd or 4th knee surgery. He told me that the chances of my knees getting any better were slim to none, and that it was likely, over time, that my knees would get much worse.

He said that, as I got older, I would likely begin to lose the ability to walk much. As a competitive dancer, this was the worst thing that I could hear.

Fast forward 5 years and several more surgeries. My condition is a daily part of life. It hurts me literally every single day. But I can still walk. And, my doctor has encouraged me to lose some weight. My condition, he said, is now starting to be exacerbated by my weight… and, while walking can hurt my knees, if it’s a way to get the weight down, it may be my best option.

There’s just one thing.

I really. really. REALLY. hate walking.

It’s not fun. I mean, who wants to just… walk for three miles? But, when I found out about The Color Run, I knew I had found my motivational ticket. You see, the Color Run combines everything I actually LIKE about walking (spending time with friends and family, getting to have a fun conversation, bright colors) with my dreams I have yet to accomplish (actually getting off my butt and losing some weight, small and manageable goals, finding a reason to fight through the pain of walking to actually walk, and attending Holi in India, where colored powder is thrown in celebration of Color).

If you aren’t familiar with the Color Run, it’s a new craze sweeping the nation. Essentially, you register for this race, and, the day of the race, you get all prepped up at the starting run in a white tee shirt (colorful, I know). At the end of the first kilometer, a team of volunteers tosses yellow powder at you. At the end of the second kilometer, you get green powder thrown, etc). By the end of the 5k, you are a total colorful mess, covered in 5 different colors… and BAM! Color party! Woooo! Everyone starts throwing their colors up in the air together as a celebration of color and completing the race.

Am I not explaining it well? That’s okay… this video from one of their other races may be of assistance!

See? Doesn’t that look like a blast?

I thought so, too, which is why, when the Color Run sold out before I got paid, and I missed out on registering for Kansas City, I was devastated. Yes, I literally spent my morning crying over the fact that I couldn’t participate. Then, the next day, I got an email saying that because Kansas City sold out in record time, they’d be opening a second date for a second Kansas City event! And that means I’m able to participate! That second date TOTALLY made my day!

I’m so excited to be walking (yes, walking! Not running!) with my brother, my dad, and one other super special person who I’m SO excited will be joining me… you see, years ago, when my brother was only 3, we picked up a complete stranger from the airport named Carolin… and to this day, I am proud to call her my sister, Carolin (more about hosting foreign exchange students in another post!) My sister, Carolin, is flying back in from Germany to come visit us again, because, as a permanent part of our family, we just can’t get enough of her!

We’ll be going through the Color Run together. But this means one thing… I have until July 1st to go from walking enough to get around my house, to walking enough to get around a city! (Cue training montage). The nice thing about this blog is that it’s going to keep me accountable… I’m hoping to update you guys as I train, and get one step closer to reaching my goals!



  1. What a great goal! It looks insanely fun. I really admire your strength and motivation to go through this medical condition and overcome the pain and the pronostics, what an inspiration! You go, girl!!

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