Why I didn’t Post This Weekend, and How My Brother Ate the Border Showdown.

I know, I know. I didn’t blog over the weekend. It’s not even that I don’t have anything to talk about- I have a few topics I’ve been meaning to post about. It was a long weekend! If you’re a fan of my blog on facebook (search Life As I See It and you should find it!) you know that I was working hard on a room remodel this weekend (I promise I’ll post photos of it… eventually).

Saturday morning, I woke up and got to work on cleaning out my son’s closets and trying to figure out what he had, what I needed, and what I had in storage that he could use now. Z is teething really badly, so I had to stop working often so he could get a good nap… he spent a good chunk of time sleeping over the weekend. Poor kiddo.

Saturday night, we ended up going out to eat, which is a rare occasion for us… we arrived at Buffalo Wild Wings only to see rows and rows of cars. Cars were parked everywhere, even in places that aren’t parking spaces. And then it hit us…. the KU-MU Border Showdown was this weekend, and if you live in the Kansas City area on either side, you don’t mess with a border showdown.

I’m not a huge fan of KU or MU. But, I’m one of those people that if it’s between the two of them, I prefer KU. As a born and raised Kansan with family in Missouri, to me, it’s always kind of like proving which one is the better state… (I am kidding, by the way). In all actuality, I’m not even a huge fan of sports in general (except for soccer. Don’t get me started on soccer. I love that sport). But as I stood there, at Buffalo Wild Wings, staring at the screens, feeding off of the energy of the masses seated there, my heart began to race.

You see, I’ve always thought sports were terribly boring. After all, I was raised with a dad who was a big football fan. Um, BOO HISS. Football is one of those sports where you run a couple of feet, and then stop and stand around for 20 minutes during time outs. Baseball is another one that bores me to tears. Maybe I could stand a 2-3 inning game, but nine freaking innings? B-O-R-I-N-G.

So when I was starting to get so wrapped up in a basketball game, I was a little alarmed. I mean, I liked basketball in person enough- I was a boys basketball cheerleader in middle school, and I had been to my fair share of college games when I was in university. So it’s not like basketball is foreign to me.

As baskets were made and the game tied up, I started holding my breath. Every basket from KU made the entire restaurant erupt. The baby screamed the first few times, then got pretty used to it. I started stressing out. I did that thing where I cross my fingers and toes and wait desperately for the team I want to win, to win. I passed the baby off to mom so I wouldn’t accidentally throw him or anything when we scored (not that I would do that- I had a good grip on him… but every time I would jump a bit to cheer, he’d get stressed).

The seconds ticked down in overtime. Baskets were made. Free throws were gained. No one was breathing, I think. You could have heard a pin drop. And then… MU scored. Taking the lead. Darn it!

In the last few seconds…. a KU score and BOOM! The buzzer rang. Everyone screamed. People threw their hats in the air (totally not exaggerating. There was literally hat throwing going on). Z, of course, started crying because of the noise (but at that point, it was too cold to take him outside to wait). A passerby saw him crying and said “Don’t cry, buddy… KU won!”

We were seated after that (because the end of the game means everyone clears out) and ate our wings… Asian Zing for me. Yum.

After dinner, we decided going out for ice cream would be awesome. Now, if you’re ever in the Olathe area, you have to know about this little, amazing ice cream shoppe (there’s one in Lawrence as well, for the record). It’s called Sylas and Maddy’s, and oh. my. heck. It’s good. The first time I went there, years and years ago, they had a pumpkin pie ice cream with literally a full pumpkin pie in every gallon. My current favorite is Cookie Monster- a sweet cream ice cream tinted blue, with bits of chocolate chip cookies and Oreos. The nice thing about Sylas and Maddy’s is that you can split a single- so if you are like me, and can’t decide between two amazing flavors, you can get one of each (for example, my cone was half Epic Mint, half French Toast).

Jeffrey, though, explored the flavors, and, after painstaking thought, settled on… and I kid you not… a cup with Rock Chocolate Jayhawk and Tiger Tracks. Really? Really. He went with the ice cream specially designed for KU, and the ice cream specially designed for MU. It was like his own little border showdown. And he loved every bit of it. (Typically he gets gold dust as one of his flavors, and gets it on the bottom, so as he eats, he’s digging for gold…).

After ice cream, we stopped by Home Depot to get the stuff I needed for my bookshelf project for Z’s room (more on that later). We found part of the supplies, but a really important part was still missing… so we left emptyhanded. The next morning, mom and I got up, worked our butts off around the house and on some planning for an event I’m planning in April, and then finally headed to church.

Something about Lenten services always get me, especially in the Nazarene Church. See, I was raised Baptist, and the Baptist church does Lent, but it doesn’t REALLY do Lent. As in, we’re aware of Lent, but our calendar spends more time focused on Easter, Advent, and Christmas. But the Nazarene Church… they’re a church that really encourages Lenten attendance, extra services, and giving things up for Lent. So when a Nazarene Church is in it’s Lenten season, it’s a really emotional, passionate time. I mean, the Nazarene church we’ve been going to is always passionate and emotional and on fire… but this weekend it was, tenfold.

After our church service, we ran over and got groceries, and then we ran to Home Depot on the other side of town and… thank goodness… they had EVERYTHING I needed to finish my project.

That afternoon, we put it all together and installed it, and I loaded up the bookshelves (I’m so anxious to show you guys!)  and last night, I stayed up watching my TV shows I missed last week while working on his room. I went through all of his clothes and pulled out bigger sizes (he’s starting to shift into some 9 month items) and I got rid of anything that he couldn’t wear anymore (donated most of it last week). I really worked hard to get it done, and finally, at 3am, it was FINISHED.

Because of all of this, I did not blog AT ALL. But, that’s okay. I think in some ways this weekend was a way to first come up with some new things I’m going to post for you guys (as in, this project I keep talking about but not actually showing you) and spending time with my family. Like I said last week, they really come first, above anything else.

So that’s really it… I hope you guys didn’t miss me too much this weekend! How was your weekend? Did you do anything exciting?



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