Morning Thoughts

I rarely wake up before the rest of the world… (the rest of the world being those who live in my town, though, obviously, there’s a lot more world than that).

Typically, I am one to sleep in. As my mom puts it, “You got the dog, and I expected him to keep you from sleeping in, but you got a dog that liked to sleep as much as you do. So when you got pregnant, I thought finally, the days of you sleeping in would be over… but you got a baby that likes to sleep in, too!”

I’ve been very blessed with the fact that both of my babies- my fur one and my human one- are good sleepers. It’s not unusual for us to get 8 or 9 hours of sleep uninterrupted. So when both… BOTH!… of my children decided that 5:23 am was a good time to wake up, I figured… why not?

At first, of course, I protested, asking the baby to go back to sleep, and telling the dog “Shut up! You’re waking up the baby!” But after a few minutes, when the baby looked around, smiling, I knew sleep was out of the question.

When I was a little girl, if I’d wake up early, I’d sit and ponder the world. I’d look out my window at all of those dark houses, and slowly, one by one, watch lights turn on, and the people inside begin to wake. I particularly did this when it snowed… often times, you’d see a light come on, just the glow of the TV in someone’s window. Then, about the time our school district would roll around on the screen for a closing, the TV would flick off, and darkness would return.

I was awake in the night more often than I assume my mom suspected. We had a bedtime rule, sort of… I had to go to bed by a certain time, but not necessarily to sleep. If I was wrapped up in a good book, or if I was struggling to sleep, that was fine, but I needed to at least be resting. There were nights where I barely slept because I had to finish this book, but more often than not, I was asleep early enough that I got plenty of sleep before school the next day… and on nights where I didn’t get as much sleep, well, usually I made up for that the next night.

Most people are creatures of habit in the mornings. They get up, go through a certain routine- shower, breakfast, teeth, makeup, clothing, door? (My routine when I lived alone). Or perhaps, my routine as it is now, where I wake up, change the baby, run the dog outside, go to the bathroom myself to at least try to look like a human, make my coffee in the French press, check my facebook, gmail, and junk mail, in that order, and then start our homeschooling day. It seems like everyone has a routine that, like clockwork, they go through in the mornings.

I also think most people have a similar routine going to sleep… When I was a little girl, I’d often read for awhile, and then turn on QVC or the Home Shopping Network and watch infomercials until I couldn’t keep my eyes open anymore (I still love infomercials, honestly). Now, I nurse the baby to sleep, watch a little TV, play some Words With Friends, and then nurse the baby again before I finally crash.

I feel like, as such creatures of habit, sometimes it’s good to have days, like today, where your plans don’t exactly go the same way. I usually don’t go to bed until around 3, after the baby eats for the second time. Tonight, though, I ended up falling asleep just after midnight, and Zach actually decided not to have a 3am nursing (I woke up for it, but he didn’t). Then, promptly at 5:23, the dog scratched at the same time the baby opened his eyes. It’s almost like they had planned this… At first, I was a little frustrated with the shake-up in my very set routine, but after letting the dog outside and talking to the baby for awhile, I realized that sometimes, waking up early is good. You get to watch the rest of the world wake up, you get some peaceful time just the two of you, and you get a good amount of time to do tasks that you’d otherwise do during the day (or perhaps, not have time to do at all). For me, waking up so early was a pleasant change.


…let’s just hope it never happens again.



  1. wow! you are blessed to have a baby who likes to sleep. Andy was (and still is for that matter) not a good sleeper. He’s a bit like Jeffrey. When Andy was a baby he would only take 20 minute naps. Long enough for me to take a shower and that’s it. !!

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