A Snowy Day in a Warmer Winter

Our winter has been so snowless that it’s sad. We’ve had less snow than any other winter in history, so far anyway. In fact, we’re only weeks away from actually landing that record if we don’t get anymore snow.

That’s why a couple of weeks ago, when 2-3 inches fell, we were ecstatic! Now, I know that 2-3 inches of snow is about enough to make a footprint (or shut the state of Texas down and incite riots and looting, depending on what part of the country you’re from), but it felt like a couple of feet after a snowless winter. In fact, this was the fourth latest inch of snow that our area has gotten in recorded history! Never in my entire life has it snowed our first inch this late in the winter.

See? It even almost covers the grass!

Because our forecast showed that it would warm up, we realized we had to get out in it as soon as possible. Jeffrey decided to enjoy the snow with a little front yard snowboarding.

Zach was all bundled up in a snowsuit (I’m pretty sure the fact that I bought him a snowsuit is what delayed our snow so much this year) and was ready to experience snow for the first time. When I first sat him down, he sat there and looked around and patted the snow. He’s been sitting up for awhile now and is pretty good at it, but sometimes, especially when he’s in a bulky outfit like a snowsuit, he tends to have trouble sitting up by himself. I raised my camera, and FLOOF! Snow kind of poofed up.


Zach looked around like “what just happened and why didn’t it hurt?” The snow cushioned around him, and he grinned… then he looked at me and kind of whimpered. “Is it okay, mom?” was kind of the reaction I got from him… he wasn’t hurt or even really all that scared, but the cold of the snow was a little bit of a surprise to someone who had never really experienced much cold in the first place.

I picked him up, and held him, cuddling him close, and then he started to get a little more enjoyment out of it. I unfastened his hand from the built-in mitteny enclosure, and he got to feel the snow, which brought the oddest look to his face. I’m sure something cold and fluffy would be pretty puzzling when experienced for the first time, and the brightness of snow on those little eyes is definitely different than what he’d be used to seeing.


All in all, Zach seemed to enjoy his five minute foray into the snowy wonderland. Or, mostly snowy wonderland, anyway. As soon as his cheeks started getting red, I wooshed him inside. I figure that there are plenty more snowy days that he’ll get to experience, and enjoy, as he gets older, but for now, he doesn’t really have a need to be out in it long, and right as we were walking to the front door, he kind of shuddered and started to cry, so he was ready, too. It took us longer to put on the snow clothing than it did to actually enjoy the snow, but it was worth it to see his priceless first reactions.

By the next day, our snowy paradise was gone, replaced by a much warmer rain… the forecasts are all predicting anywhere from 2 inches to 12 inches next Tuesday, so we may have some more snow to play in, but for now, this was plenty for our tastes and needs (but of course, far from enough for Jeffrey- is there such thing as enough snow for an 11 year old?)

Are you having an unusual winter where you live?



  1. Yep, we’ve had an overall pretty warm winter here, no snow except for a couple flakes here and there, but nothing that sticked for more than a couple hours. And we experienced a terrible cold couple weeks in the beginning of February, I mean really REALLY cold, even for Alsace which is used to cold!

    Love those pix and the description of Zach’s reactions… priceless!

    1. Candy, please be more specific when you say “We”…. Say, we here in Spring Hill……because “We” here in Springfield do NOT need more snow! 🙂

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