A Review of Citrus Lane- Box of Goodies for Mom and Baby (January Edition and December Update)

First off, I just want to say that I am shocked at the number of views I’ve gotten on my review of the December Citrus Lane box. I started out writing a review of a product I was absolutely thrilled about, and in the process, I got viewers from across the country coming to see what Citrus Lane was all about. I even got featured on Citrus Lane’s press page, and they tweeted about my blog post! (Thank you, Citrus Lane, for taking the time to promote my blog review of your goods!)

With this said, Citrus Lane did not provide my box- I paid for it myself, and no one is paying for me to write this review. I am writing this review because I personally read a ton of blogs and reviews of Citrus Lane before making the leap to subscribe, and I want to make sure that my readers all have that option, as well. I also feel that it’s important to post honest reviews of products, good or bad, in order to help others have an informed opinion about a product before they put their money on the line. So, that said, here is my completely honest review of the (AMAZING) January Box from Citrus Lane.

Citrus Lane

Price: $25 per month, $75 for 3 months, $125 for 6 months (1 month free), $250 for 12 months (2 months free)

Shipping: Free

Discounts for referrals: Currently $25 for each friend you refer (If you choose to sign up and don’t have someone else referring you, I’d love it if you chose to use my referral link here: http://www.citruslane.com/invitedby/Jennifer.Schoenberger )

Coupon Codes: You can currently get your first box half off by using the code CITRUSHALF4 at checkout. This makes your box $12.50

Opening the Box:

This box was a little different than last month’s. First, you open the box (the box was a little larger than last month’s, in order to accommodate a larger goodie for baby, and a little less sturdy on the sides). The same yellow tissue paper that greeted me in December was BACK for a January appearance (and seriously, with a dreary gray day outside, who wouldn’t love a pop of BRIGHT yellow in their life?)

I peeled back the paper to again be greeted with the goodies, an envelope, and a note from Citrus Lane. The note declared the theme for this box, which is “Fresh Start.” To me, that absolutely sums up the first month of a new year… it’s a fresh start. This time, Citrus Lane teamed up with Healthy Child, Healthy World.

(Image is linked to website)

Healthy Child, Healthy World is a nonprofit organization dedicated to keeping kids safe from harmful chemicals. Awesome!

HCHW hand selected green products that are “an entry point to learning more about creating a clean and green home for your family.”

The back of the note also included a list of the products in the box, descriptions about the product, and a link to the website that sells them.

What’s Inside the Box?

Green Toys Tugboat, $14.99 (I found one on Amazon for $9.99 new, plus free Prime Shipping)

Found at: A variety of Green Toys Retailers or Online Retailers, listed at the website http://www.greentoys.com

Review: The tugboat is adorable, first off. Zach couldn’t take his eyes off of the bright yellow, red, and blue. He started banging his hands, seeming to insist I open it right away, so I did. He sat in his high chair and played with it for about 15 minutes- which is a long time for a 6 month old! I love that it’s made from 100% recycled milk containers. I try to make an effort to be a little greener where I can, and I like that this is BPA and phtalate free. It’s meant to be a bath toy, so it has a pour spout on the front and is supposed to float, too. We’re looking forward to trying it in a bath soon! I love this toy, and after seeing how sturdy it is, I already have their other toys on a wish list. I’m also looking into their new dishware line.

This toy also has a little personal connection for us. See, I call Zach my little tugboat a lot. Whenever he is having trouble with constipation, we do some stretches for him that help alleviate gas pressure, and, a lot of times, cause him to pass gas. When we do these stretches, if he passes gas, I exclaim “Toot! Toot! I’m a tugboat!” and we both giggle. He thinks it’s funny, I think his expression is funny, it’s all cute and perfect. So, to have an actual tugboat, well, we’re pretty pleased with that. I think the Dump Truck is going to be next on our list! (Maybe an Easter gift?)

Dolphin Organics Lotion, $11.49

Found at: http://www.dolphinorganics.com

Review: I really like the idea of Dolphin Organics lotion. It’s unscented, it’s natural and organic, it’s vegan, hypoallergenic… it’s got a lot of pros. The downside to it not being scented? It smells. Yes, I know, it’s counterintuitive, but honestly, it smells really bad, in my opinion. It’s nice and thick and creamy, and I was really looking forward to the texture and consistency- not only would it be nice on Zach’s cradle cap, but also on my horribly dry elbows and feet. I thought it could be a good lotion for both of us, but it’s hard to get past the unscented smell. I know this isn’t what the brand intended, but I think I may end up putting a little bit of essential oil into the lotion, just enough to make it smell a little nicer. It’s a great lotion- like I said, it’s thick and creamy, my hands still feel softened from it and I put it on hours ago, but it just kind of smells bad. I know, my commitment to pretty smells seems to be higher than my commitment to the environment. Call me a bad mommy or a bad blogger, but it is what it is! 🙂 Also, the packaging is SUPER cute. I love the bold colors, the words… I can see this being a great inspiration for some sort of creative project. There is a chance that I will buy this lotion again. It just honestly depends on whether or not adding an essential oil will help mask the unscented smell.

Happy Baby Food Baby Yogis in Strawberry and Banana Mango, $3.59 per package

Found at: http://www.HappyBabyFood.com, which links you to their online storefront.

Review: Most of my blog readers know that I make my own baby food purees for Zach, but I did draw the line at yogurt, which I purchased for him. Now that he has gotten to the finger food stage, not everything he eats is homemade, so I wanted to throw out there first that yes, he does eat foods like this. I am glad that they sent two packages, so Zach could try out two flavors. Today, we introduced the Banana Mango at snacktime. He only had a few of them, but they were easy for him to pick up, and he loved them! They look kind of like chocolate chips in shape, but they’re a nice light color and fragrance. I tried one, and they’re pretty good, actually. You can definitely taste the fruit AND the yogurt, so if your baby isn’t a fan of a yogurt taste, he may not be a fan of these. However, Zach likes yogurt, particularly mixed with fruit, so these are a hit. Personally, I think they’re a little spongy and have that freeze-dried texture, but… well, they’re freeze dried. I think even I would enjoy them in a trail mix or something! (Someone, quick, keep me from eating all of Zach’s snacks!) I love that they are gluten, soy, and wheat free, and that they are processed in a nut-free facility. It’s also nice that they have pre- and probiotics for digestive health! Plus, the bags are resealable, so as Zach takes time to eat them, they’ll still be fine. I’m going with Citrus Lane on this one- I’m keeping a bag in the kitchen, and the other bag in my diaper bag for snack emergencies! That is, if I can keep my own grubby hands out of them. I am also really happy to see the company’s commitment to no chemical fertilizers, no GMOs, and no pesticides, as well as their commitment to sustainable agriculture. If I were going to switch from homemade to pre-packaged, this would be the company I would look to!

Pangea Organics Lip Balm in Pyrenees Lavender with Cardamom, $12.00

Found at: http://www.pangeaorganics.com

Review: This is a nice, supersmooth lip balm with a pretty, light scent. The balm is intended to be healing, calming, and reviving with antioxidants in it, as well. It is a vitamin-rich balm, and it glides on smoothly. I’m a chapstick junkie in the winter, so it’s nice to have an option that is organic. Now if only I can make it through the winter without losing the tube! $12.00 is a little more than I would regularly pay for a lip balm (as I mentioned, Chapstick junkie… with Chapstick, I can get a lot of sticks for $12.00). However, I’ve spent that much before on other organic balms from stores like Lush, so it’s not completely out of the question for me. I just think that it is more of a “luxury” purchase item. I may or may not buy it again, even though I love love love it!


This month, the box contained an envelope of Extras. The extras included two $5.00 credits to PlumDistrict, a daily deal site for moms, by moms. It also included 20% off an $8 or more purchase from Pangea Organics (plus free shipping!), and 20% off at BloumeBaby, a destination for stylish, organic, and eco-friendly baby products, according to the company.

(www.plumdistrict.com, http://www.pangeaorganics.com, http://www.bloumebaby.com)

Retail Value of the Box: $50.66 (including PlumDistrict Codes, but Excluding the discount coupons for the other sites) Again, for $25.00, this is a steal!

Overall opinion: The box was again packed with products that Zach and I could both enjoy. It had plenty of goodies for us to explore this month, from new brands we hadn’t explored. I am excited to look through the websites that our goods came from, and I definitely see myself ordering some of these. As I mentioned above, I’m already looking at other Green Toys that I want, and I also think I’ll order more from Happy Baby Food, as well. I may or may not use Dolphin Organics again, but I can tell you, I do recommend them. I also want to check out the Healthy Child, Healthy World organization- I like the idea behind it.

Final Verdict: I am keeping my subscription for next month. It’s definitely worth it again this month, and I feel like it’s becoming a major feature in our lives.

Isn’t Zach adorable with his Tugboat?

Look at that Focus!


I also want to use this time to update you on our thoughts of the products in December’s Box.

Stella and Dot Toujours Bracelet- This bracelet lives on my wrist. No, seriously, I haven’t taken it off at all since I got it last month. I even wear it in the shower. I dug out some old bracelets from my jewelry box (a cute strand of small wooden coral-colored beads, and a strand with the same beads in turquoise, as well as a brown wooden beaded bracelet with small brassy coins). The bracelet matches those perfectly, and I have a cute little bracelet stack that I get a ton of compliments on- everyone loves my bracelets. The shiny toujours bracelet is always the center of the attention, though! I found a Stella and Dot consultant locally, and hope to place an order for more product soon (as soon as I can narrow down what I want!)

Zutano Cozie Baby Hat- This hat is cute, and Zach loves it. It’s nice and soft and warm. It’s one of the few hats he doesn’t try to take off as soon as I put it on. I do think I still need to order more from them, but right now, Zach has SO many clothes, that it’s going to wait until I need some more. I’ve still got this company on my radar, though, and I am definitely planning on buying more.

Wilton Gingerbread Cookie Cutter- We were supposed to get to use this for homeschooling today, but I pretty much failed. I’m not even kidding- I forgot to buy the ingredients for our chocolate edible play dough, so we didn’t get to make it as part of our science lesson. Hopefully, we’ll be able to do it next week so I can get some use out of the cookie cutter. Also, Zach and I were watching Sesame Street the other day, and they were using cookie cutters to blow bubbles, so I think I’m going to test it out with this sometime and see if it works.

Episencial Better Body Butter Body Lotion- I still wish this were a thicker lotion (it’s pretty thin), but it’s still got an amazing scent and Zach and I still both use it daily. We’re about halfway through our bottle, so I think we will probably re-order it soon. I want to give the Dolphin Organics another shot before I place an order for this, know what I mean? Silly to buy more lotion when we have a new bottle of something else… but I REALLY liked this one.


I’ll be back with a new review in February, along with (hopefully) an update about the January box!



  1. What an amazing review of all the products included in the Fresh Start box! We are glad that you are impressed by the the Dolphin Organics lotion, and we do understand your comments about the smell so we thought you’d be interested to know that we just announced a new line of naturally scented products, Simply Citrus. It is the same high quality products, now with a 100% natural yummy citrus scent 🙂 We are taking pre-orders now at http://www.dolphinorganics.com/simplycitrus!

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