I’ve been meaning to blog this for awhile… a day in the life.

I have been meaning to write this blog for over a week now, back when TheDigiChick first recommended we write about a day in our lives, and again when my lovely blogging friends over at SweetShoppeDesigns also recommended it for our Blogger’s Weekly challenge. I took the pictures when TheDigiChick suggested it, and decided to sit down and write it when SSD did, and I never got around to either one, because, well, I procrastinate.

Writing this post means editing the photos I took. It means picking out my favorites and paring down our day. It means writing in detail, and really, who has time to do that? But yesterday, Zach got immunizations, and he is snoozing them off today, so I have time to sit and write for a few minutes. Really, I would have had the time yesterday, had I not spent the evening catching up on The Bachelor, Jane by Design, Switched at Birth, and Once Upon a Time. Yes, I watch too much television, I know. It’s part of my new lifestyle that consists of… wait. Why am I telling you this? I’m about to talk about my day in the life.

Typically, my day kind of starts around 7:30. I say kind of because that’s when Zach starts to stir. I can usually appease him with breastfeeding until he falls back into that deep sleep, and he and I can both drift back into a snooze. I’m usually half asleep when I whip out the boob and try to get him to head back to his sleepy place, so it’s really not that I am awake awake, which is why I said “kind of” above.

Then, sometime in the next half hour to hour and a half, depending on the day and Zach’s mood, he’ll actually wake up. I’ll, half-asleep still, hand him a toy from the basket I keep at the head of the bed. He’ll play with it for a few minutes, making happy sounds as I begin to wake up. I’ll peer out at him through a mostly-closed eyelid, trying to adjust to the light, and, if he notices me peeking at him, he’ll smile. I’ll shut my eyes tightly, and he’ll reach over and pull my eyelids up. So much for slowly adjusting to the light, right? We’ll play this game for a few minutes- I’ll close my eyes, he’ll open them. He’ll stroke my face and coo until I open my eyes and start tickling him and kissing his whole face. I’ll pick him up and lift him over my head, singing and talking to him. He’ll stand up on my tummy while I hold his hands for balance, and we’ll laugh and talk. Then I’ll lay him back on the middle of the bed, give him a toy, and surround him with the pillows that are usually on the floor- since we co-sleep, the pillows and blankets stay on the floor for sleep time, to prevent any suffocation or other issues. Once he is snugly surrounded by things so he won’t go rolling, I’ll go to the bathroom. I’ve strategically positioned mirrors so I can see him the entire way, even while I’m in the bathroom. I’ll take care of brushing my hair and teeth, applying my chapstick and mascara (about all I do for makeup these days), and then I’ll creep back to the bed. Zach sets his toy down, and smiles, clasping his hands in front of him.

I grab his cute little feet, and gently pull him towards me. As he reaches the end of the bed, I let go of a foot as I use that arm to scoop him up into my arms, hug him, and carry him to his room for a diaper change. I slip his pajamas off while we talk about the night before, and I grab a new diaper. I tell him what’s on the diaper. If we’re using some diapers, it’s the Sesame Street characters he knows and loves, so I’ll sing whatever song is associated with that character on the show, or, if it’s another set of diapers, it has animal patterns, and I’ll make animal noises for him. I’ll open the diaper, and set it lightly on his face, and say “Hold this for me.” He’ll giggle and yank it off of his face and throw it towards me. I’ll change him and put fresh clothes on. It’s this entire part of our morning routine that really makes our morning perfect. It allows us time to bond, to connect with each other on the best level. I get to hold him and cuddle with him, and he can see me as a playmate and also a companion and mother. He knows that I love him and feels secure in that- you can see it in his eyes- but he also knows that we can have fun together and goof off and be silly. It’s this little chunk of 20 minutes to half an hour that really makes my entire day special.

After the morning routine is over, he plays in his exersaucer during Sesame Street. We get breakfast, and sit down at the table to read from our book for homeschooling. Right now it’s The Chocolate Touch, but before that, we read Chocolate Fever by Robert Kimmel Smith. Usually, the book is related to our unit in some way. Of course, there’s always free reading time at other parts of the day, but this is the time when the book is read allowed, and there’s a short quiz. After that, we go through Jeffrey’s activities on the board, one by one. Experiments, worksheets, lessons, research projects, we tick through them and study. If it’s a Friday, instead of doing this, we make up any homework we missed the week before, and then work on a review game. Usually, for review, we pick a game our family loves, like Sorry! and we answer review questions before we can take our turn. Get it right, and we get to go like we typically would in normal gameplay. Get it wrong, and we miss a turn.

When lunchtime rolls around, if it’s most weekdays, we eat through our workday. Jeffrey will work on worksheets or we will continue researching through lunch. On Fridays, typically we are pretty much done by lunch time, so we move on to free time- Jeffrey has fun by himself, and we all work on the things we need to work on. Other days, we work until school is finished, and then we head off to our own tasks. Zach often takes a nap before lunch, around 10am, and then again as soon as school is over, around 2. During his 2pm nap, I’ll usually lay down with him. Often I’ll read, or work on editing photos, or I’ll just hang out and play with my Kindle. Sometimes I’ll do something productive, like laundry (though, that rarely happens. I’m thinking we should just become nudists). Every few days, I spend that time either feeding my Amish bread starter, or baking bread with the starter. I also use this time to catch up on emails, work on projects I’ve been meaning to get to, and finally, I should be using the time to blog, though, you notice I rarely do. Sometimes, I just nap with Zach.

After Zach’s (and occasionally, my own) nap, I get up and try to help with dinner as best I can, or at least talk to mom while she makes dinner. I’ll prepare the white board with tomorrow’s lesson plan, and try to get everything organized for that. Zach typically plays with his uncle, and, when dad gets home, his grandpa.

We eat dinner as a family. Every night, it’s the same routine. Dinner goes on the table, we read our Bible Study, and then we eat. Mom has always made sure our family had a main dish, some fruit, some vegetables, and a side dish. Last night, it was beans, cornbread, blackberries, and a salad. The night before, it was ham, orange slices, rice, and a salad. She always makes sure to meet all of the food groups in a meal, it seems, and we are all very thankful for it. Her meals are excellent! Zach usually eats during this time, too. After dinner, Jeffrey and I clean the kitchen while someone entertains Zach by talking to him. Once the kitchen is clean, we often assemble at the table again to play a board game, go into the sunroom for a chance to play Just Dance 3 on the Kinect or another physical game on the Wii, or we watch the shows we enjoy as a family (like The Amazing Race, Modern Family, anything on the Disney channel, Switched at Birth, etc…). Finally, it nears bedtime, around 8pm, and my family watches Zach for a bit while I have some alone time- a chance to shower in peace. I shower, and sometimes just stand there and think while the water hits me. I breathe, and think about everything I need to do for tomorrow. Then I tell myself to stop thinking, and I wash my hair. Washing my hair is this little piece of euphoric bliss, one where I don’t have to worry about the To-Do list, or the laundry, or lesson plans.

As soon as the shower is done, either it’s Zach’s turn to bathe, or it’s time for us to head to bed. When we go to bed, Zach tends to eat, and then start to doze. He is a pretty good sleeper, without much fuss or fight. Sometimes, he’ll play for a few minutes before deciding to fall asleep. Around 10, he is out like a light, and it’s time for me to just hang out. I’ll usually read for awhile, or spend the time catching up on my shows. When I watch TV, I almost always eat Ramen Noodles. It’s a bad habit that means I’ve not been good at keeping my baby weight off, but I love the noodles so much, I’d hate to give them up! So, every night, it’s TV and noodles. Noodles and TV. They’re the perfect ending to my evening.

Right before I fall asleep at night, I sink deeper into my bed, curl up in my favorite sleeping position, and say a prayer. I pray that God will watch over my son and I as we sleep. I pray that school will go well the next day. I pray for any requests or issues or anything that happened throughout the day. And then, I doze off, until morning, to start the cycle all over again.

What about you? Do you have a specific daily routine? Are parts of your day mapped out exactly, the way Zach and I’s mornings are? I’d love to hear about you and your routine!


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