A Lot Changes in 6 Months…

Today, January 12, my son is 6 months old.

A lot has changed.

He can sit up on his own.

He eats solid foods (his favorites are sweet potatoes, apples, carrots, and bananas, but he hates peas and green beans). He has taken a liking to the “ice cream” that I make from frozen bananas (it’s just bananas, nothing else).

He is very vocal. He’s been working on his g sounds and his n sounds.

He can go from a sitting position to laying on his stomach without bonking his head.

He knows what he likes, and what he doesn’t.

He is an awesome tambourine player. He loves the sound of maracas.

He likes Elmo’s Got the Moves, Elmo’s Green, and the song with Bruno Mars singing on Sesame Street (but he’s not a fan of the actual speaking parts of the show).

He has grown so much. Seriously, so much.

I cannot believe how old he is getting, how big he is getting, how strong he is getting. He has a preference for some things, and a dislike for others. He has facial expressions that could melt your heart. This six months has FLOWN by- it seems like just yesterday that he was born. I can’t live without this kid. He’s my whole world.

Here’s to an awesome past 6 months, and to so many more, Zach… Love you, baby.


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