On Nightmares and Good Days… or, the most random post I’ve written recently.

Last night, I had a terrible nightmare. I guess I should give you some background first. I went to bed around 9:00pm, which is pretty early for me. I totally zonked out, which was nice. And then the nightmare hit.

I’ve been having this recurring nightmare for several years now. The location is often different, and a lot of the surrounding details are different, but a few parts are the same. First, there is a man. It’s the same man every time, and he is a very scary man. To most, he is probably pretty non-descript, but to me, I could easily pick him out of a crowd. He is taller than me, slightly, and looks like he is probably in his mid-sixties. He is mostly bald on top, and always wears this very specific black hat. It has a brim all around, kind of like a cowboy hat, but not. He usually has a suit on, and his eyes have this deadness to them. And every time, in every dream, no matter where we are, he pours or sprays an accelerant on me, and throws a match as I go up in flames.

And it’s scary. Oh, it’s scary. Last night, it shook me to the core to the point that I searched my room to make sure he wasn’t there. The nightmare woke me up at 12, and I just sat and cried. I hugged my son, and I cried. I cried, I prayed, and I cried some more. I was exhausted, but sleep didn’t come again. I couldn’t sleep- every time I closed my eyes, I saw him. Even now, it’s 1am and I’m afraid to sleep because I’m afraid he’ll be back in my dreams again tonight.

So instead, I lie awake and blog. Today was a good day. Thursday, I hope to talk about our adventures in homeschooling this week. Friday, I won’t be able to blog due to some family stuff, so, our homeschool wrap up will appear early (or late- it depends on what I get done on Thursday). So, I won’t go too in-depth about the homeschooling. But I will talk about this evening. This evening, Jeffrey made us all homemade pancakes again. I’d say it’s a success- and he is showing that even when he’s not in school hours, he can still apply things he’s learned. After dinner, we decided to play Sorry, which is probably our all-time favorite board game in this house. I love Sorry because it’s an all-around fun game, but I hate it because I always. ALWAYS. get third place. I don’t know why, I don’t know how, but I’m always third. Tonight, Jeffrey and dad were in the other room as mom and I set the game up. She shuffled as we called to the boys, telling them they should hurry, or we’d be stacking the deck. I quipped to mom that it would be funny if she and I came in first and second place, leaving the boys in last, since we were in the room when the deck was originally shuffled. The boys came back in the room, sat down, and we began to play. Instantly, Jeffrey wasn’t able to move, but I was, then dad was unable to move, but mom was able to. It truly did appear we had stacked the deck (we didn’t. I swear!) Gameplay went on. Everyone got more players out, and mine all went back to start. I was losing, big time. Then, all of a sudden, I started getting cards I could use. And, for the first time since I was a little girl, long before Jeffrey was born, I actually was close to winning first.
Mom kept shuffling as the game went on, but clearly, there was no stacking the deck. And finally…

I WON! I won Sorry! That never happens. I mean, seriously, never. Then, in a hilarious turn of events, mom got second place. We were all laughing terribly hard. Jeffrey lost, which has never happened in his life when it comes to Sorry– he always seems to do better than last place. Finally, the tables had turned. Jeffrey took his loss like a champ, though, and I felt extra awesome for winning for the first time since I was young.

Of course, after the game, we watched a little television. One of our family’s favorite shows this season is Last Man Standing. It never fails to make us laugh. Of course, I’m a huge fan of Tim Allen (hello, I’m a 90s child), and I absolutely love Hector Elizondo (from Pretty Woman to Princess Diaries, the man is an all-around good character). It’s just a show we can all get into. While waiting for Celebrity Wife Swap to start (I know, guilty pleasure!) we caught an episode of Work It. All along, in seeing the previews, I discussed how horribly stupid that show would be, telling mom that it would be cancelled before the season was over, that it truly was a miserable idea for a show. Well, I am eating my hat here. It was hilarious. Our family hasn’t laughed that hard over a show in… well, okay, since a few minutes before during Last Man Standing. But outside of that, it’s been awhile.

What about you. Does your family have any special games or shows that are a part of your weekly routine? On a less cheerful note, do any of you suffer from recurring nightmares? I always love hearing what my readers have to say, either in the comments, or in an email. Don’t hesitate to speak up, dudes 🙂


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