Tell Your Story Every Day

I’m a little late in getting around to this, but I wanted to update you all on (yet another) adventure I’m embarking on this year. Over at TheDigiChick, they’ve started a new thing, called “Tell Your Story Every Day.” It’s a weekly series with posts almost every day about ways to better share your stories, filled with amazing photography, journaling and other prompts to give you plenty of ideas on storytelling. I think it’s going to be a great journey.

For me, I really love the idea of telling more of my stories. I guess when I think about it, time flies so much, and if I don’t get the reins on it somehow, document it somehow, the stories will never get written down before I forget them. It makes me think of how much Zach has changed since he was born, and that I haven’t updated his baby book in months. If I don’t start telling those stories, I’m going to forget that right now, his favorite word is “wiggle.” I’m going to forget about that time last night when he was laying on his back on the floor, and Echo, our dog, came over to him. He petted Echo, and Echo laid down on his tummy, so he laughed and laughed, and pushed Echo off of him. Then he petted Echo again, so Echo sat on his tummy again, and he laughed and laughed and pushed him off. This went on for probably five minutes, but every time I’d get up to grab a camera, it would stop. I didn’t get an image of the hilarious back-and-forth, but that doesn’t mean I can’t scrapbook the story, or blog about it.

TheDigiChick challenged all of us to pick a medium for writing our stories. Obviously, a big goal of mine this year is to blog more, and blog consistently, so I believe that my best medium for telling my story is going to be my blog. After all, I use more words here than I do in any other written format! I considered keeping a journal or finding a written way of doing things, but honestly, I’m going to throw it out there… I hate writing. My wrists get really sore when I hand-write, and typing is easier. Over on Tell Your Story Every Day, they made it clear that you need to pick a medium that feels natural. If you’re trying to do something that feels unnatural, you won’t keep up with it. So, that’s why I’ve selected my blog as my medium.

If, in the impossible event that a prompt is too personal for my public blog, I’ll have the ability to type it up in a private document on my computer or using GoogleDocs, since I’ve mostly clouded my medium as “the computer.” But honestly, I’ve opened up to my blog readers about some of the most personal details of my life, like my struggle with PMDD, or my miscarriage a few years ago. Blogging about those things shows me that I don’t have much to hide, so I doubt I’ll be using private mediums for the project.

I’m very optimistic about the project. I work best with set prompts and ideas on what to write about, or consider for post topics (even if I don’t use them), so I feel that having a community of people all sharing this journey alongside me will be really helpful. And, I also feel optimistic because it’s clear that I’m a total blabbermouth, so having suggestions on how to better, more coherently, tell my story is really a helpful thing. I hope that, as time goes on, it will become even more natural to me as I write and tell my story, and stories involving my son and his life. I’m hoping that writing will become second nature, and that blogging becomes natural. I remember the first time I tried to blog, and I stared at the screen. I had no idea what to write, or whether or not anyone would care. I feel like I’ve finally let those chains go, and I’ve started writing more for myself, so I feel like, with more practice in writing, it will become even more natural over the months to come.

If you’re interested, definitely check out their challenges and prompts over at


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