Healthy New Year

I’m all about blogging the mundane. You all know this already. So today, I’m blogging about my breakfast.

I woke up, felt hungry, and decided to have a late breakfast that was actually healthy, for a change. I don’t eat breakfast very often. Most of the time, it’s just not a meal I make time for. When I DO make time for it, though, I usually just grab a cookie, or whatever baked goods I have available. The other day, it was three cake balls. I know, so healthy.

But today, I wanted to shake things up.

I’ve heard good breakfasts consist of a little protein, a carbohydrate, and some fruit. I wasn’t interested in the grapes we had in the fridge, so I opted for Orange Juice, which is kind of cheating on the whole fruit front, but it was calcium fortified, so screw it.

I decided to add toast with peanut butter to that, which hits on my protein and carbohydrate (plus, the toast was whole wheat. Bonus points!) And, finally, a piece of string cheese, because, why not?

Yeah, sure, it’s a start. But I thought while eating it, what if I did this every day for a week? And if I did it every day for a week, what’s stopping me from doing it the rest of January? Through February? All year?

I won’t go so far as to say I’ll be able to do this all year… but I think trying to do it the rest of the week is a good start. And maybe, just maybe, I’ll make it beyond that. We’ll see.

What healthy steps are you taking this new year? I’d love to hear about them in the comments, a link to a blog post of yours, or an email!


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