Today, in Scrapping (And some other stuff)

Well, I put on my big girl panties and scrapped today for the first time in ages (I’ve been avoiding it, for the most part).

Well, I can’t totally say that- I worked on scrapping my One Little Word the other day, and got those pages done, and I have my foundation done for P365 (I was supposed to take a picture today. I didn’t. You see how this project is going already, I’m sure), and I’m almost halfway done with my December daily album, so, I’m doing okay scrapping wise, but I digress…

I got done two layouts today… of course, one is just my desktop background, and isn’t really a printable layout, but I’m TOTALLY in love with it and had to share it with y’all. It’s made using Melissa Bennett’s “Chill Out,” which you can find over at

I was feeling really inspired by those silly photos my family took as part of our December advent season, so I decided to scrap a larger, printable layout using Kristin Cronin-Barrow’s Deck the Halls: Vintage kit that I purchased during the holiday season this year. It’s also available over at the Sweet Shoppe. The layout was made as part of Sweet Shoppe’s portfolio challenge, which is now actually hosted over at Pinterest. I know you guys will love the challenges if you head over to the Shoppe and check them out- plus, you can earn coupons for participation!

I feel like I actually accomplished a few things today!

And, not only that, but I also did some design work, I kid you not. I think things are looking up around here. On my plate for tomorrow? Well, a little laundry, first off, otherwise I’ll be forced to become a nudist (actually, that sounds more appealing than laundry… better weigh the pros and cons first!), then I’ll be spending some time preparing for Thursday, which is the first day of homeschooling around these parts, and finally, I’m hoping to scrap and design a little bit more!

I want to finish off tonight’s blog post by just saying thank you. I have gotten a LOT of really sweet comments the past few days. I love the comments saying I’m inspiring you guys… honestly, you inspire ME! When I get comments like that, it makes me want to blog more, to share more. I’m not at all a perfect blogger or a perfect person, and I hope I’m making that clear to you guys, because to me, a blog is nothing if not transparent. My favorite bloggers write about their anxiety disorders, their losses and failures, as well as their triumphs, their successes, and those happy moments in life. I want to be the same for you guys. I hope you’ll continue to find this a safe place to share.

Oh, and I loved reading all of your One Little Words that you guys have been posting and emailing me. Obviously, my email is around the blog several times, so please don’t hesitate to slip me an email responding to my blog post, or telling me about what you’re up to, or anything! Thank you for the great comments. Night!


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