You guys might have noticed that I’ve changed my header and some colors around the blog.

As part of my One Little Word project, I have created a cover for my album. I fell so in love with the look that I decided it was time to refresh my blog, as well. My old blog header was awesome, and I love it a lot, but it was really starting to look worn out… it had been up almost the entire life of my blog! I felt like a new year is a time to bring change and shake things up, so I’ve rebranded my blog slightly.

My blog is still called Life As I See It. There are still going to be the same features- I’ll still talk about everyday life, tell you about the things I love (and the things I don’t), and I’ll try very hard to share openly with my readers.

So what’s changing? Well, first and most obviously, the blog got a facelift in the form of the new header. But, I’ll also be blogging a little more introspectively sometimes. It won’t always be pretty. As you’ve noticed in my past few entries about my one little word, I’m going to be painfully honest with my readers sometimes. I’m going to share about my past, and the way that I’m still working through it. But I’m also hoping my blog will be a hopeful beacon to my readers.

I want you guys to feel as comfortable sharing here as I do. I’d love to hear your thoughts, your feelings, your hopes and dreams.

I’m toying with some new blog entry ideas, and I’d love to see you guys get involved with them and really interject your own opinions in the blog, as well.

Mostly, I’m thinking it’s time for a few changes, little ones, maybe eventually big ones. I hope you’ll all join me on this exciting ride.


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