My Top 10 Obsessions for 2011

2011 was a wild year… I spent a good chunk of it pregnant, and the rest as a new mom. I had plenty of obsessions to get me through the year, things I clung to, things I overindulged in, things that helped save me time, and things that helped waste my time.

Here is a list of the top 10 things I obsessed over this year.

10. When the Kids go to Sleep.
I’ve been a ShayTards fan from the beginning, it seems. In fact, my blog post “ShayCarl is my hero” gets the second most hits of any post I’ve written (my post about PMDD gets the most, for some reason). I truly do admire ShayCarl and Katilette, and the amazing family they have. I love that they stick to their values, and When the Kids Go To Sleep shows the best of this. WTKGTS talks about finances, faith, relationships, and still has the amazing sense of humor that Shay and Colette bring to the table in every project they involve themselves with. I’m so excited to see everything that comes from them in the new year.

9. Community.
Holy. Freaking. Funny. Seriously… a group of college misfits? Anyone who has ever been in a college situation has probably experienced a meshing of people you thought you’d never get along with, and truly, that’s what Community represents. The sad thing is, there’s a little bit of me in each and every one of those students, and in some ways, that’s not a flattering thought. I can’t watch an episode without laughing my butt off. Honorable mention for spot number 9 is Donald Glover/Childish Gambino. At first, when viewing Community, I thought Troy lacked depth more than any other character, but as episodes went on, I realized I really liked Troy. Then, I found out that Donald Glover, the actor who portrays him, happens to be a successful stand up comedian. After that, I found out his altar ego/pen name Childish Gambino is an amazing rapper who has the sickest beats I’ve ever heard… and I’m hooked. I purchased Camp, which was the first album I’ve bought in a long time (I just don’t buy entire CDs anymore, in favor of the idea that I can pick and choose select songs off of an album). Seriously, though… go big or go home with Childish Gambino- the whole album is worth buying, trust me. It all flows together perfectly. It’s a must-have in my collection (be aware that there is language and some content).

8. Desperate Housewives.
I am a woman who admits when I’m wrong. When the show first came out, I truly thought the concept was dumb… who wants to watch a bunch of silly housewives with backstabbing intentions? Big deal, so one of them commits suicide in the first episode… BORING! Well, one day I turned on an episode on Netflix, thinking it would be funny to watch the mind-numbing madness (I’ve done the same with Teen Mom, so I could laugh through it). Instead, I was met with a witty, socially aware, dramatic show with true depth and an intense plot. I worked my way quickly through most of the series (in fact, I’m halfway through season 7 out of 8 right now… so, I’m almost done with the entire thing!) But, I have to also mention a few other shows I’ve been in love with this year, namely Revenge and Once Upon a Time. ABC has done well for itself!

7. Scentsy.
This shouldn’t be allowed to count because I started selling it this year, but it has truly become an obsession. I personally own almost half of our over 80 scents, because I just can’t pick a favorite. I have a warmer in my bedroom, my mom’s bedroom, my son’s bedroom, the bathroom, and the office, and it can take me up to 30 minutes just to pick what scent I want to put on my warmer. There’s so many to choose from, and when you think you’ve run out of choices, you can mix them. I’ve gotten really into playing with scents (try Hendrix and Weathered Leather for a masculine smell, Pima Cotton and French Kiss for a feminine smell, and Sticky Cinnamon Bun with half a cube of Hazelnut Latte for a smell that I swear reminds me of the Lighthouse Bakery I go to on my Island vacation each year).

6. Cake Balls.
Oh. My. Heck. Why did I not learn to make these sooner? I made my first batch late in the year for a cookie exchange, and after rave reviews, my brother asked me to make them for a party he was attending. I made more for Christmas, and have experimented with many flavors (red velvet+cream cheese, chocolate+more chocolate, white+white, party rainbow chip+party chip, carrot+cream cheese)… Yum.

5. Anything pumpkin.
Pumpkin is a magic food. I love it, and I love the flavor of pumpkin spice everything. I love pumpkin spice breads and muffins. I love pumpkin spice milk (I’m finishing up my 12th carton of the season). I love pumpkin spice pie and the smell of Pumpkin Roll Scentsy. Pumpkin is seriously a delicious treat, and it’s actually really good for you (well, except for all of those crazy pumpkin spice things that don’t actually contain pumpkin. They’re pretty bad for you, but I eat them anyway). There’s just something about pumpkin and pumpkin spice treats that SCREAM fall and winter to me. I couldn’t get enough this season!

4. The Baby Bullet.
This machine is awesome. I went on a quest earlier in the year, during my pregnancy, to find the easiest process of making homemade baby food. I decided that I didn’t want my son living off of Gerber. That’s great for some families, but I have the time, and making my own food is SO much easier (plus, no preservatives!), so, I was beyond thrilled when I picked up the Baby Bullet. This thing is incredible. You steam or boil fruits, veggies, or chicken, or cook whatever it is you want to make. You put it in the machine, pulse it a bit, and BAM! Baby food. Sure, people could argue that a food processor could do the same thing, but does a food processor have adorable little smiles on each and every container? Does it have easy storage that is dishwasher safe? Does it take up a very small amount of counterspace? The Baby Bullet is amazing, and I’m able to make a ton of delicious food for my son. Sure, I could’ve bought a food processor, but I don’t think it would have done as good of a job, and I really believe in the power of the bullet system.

3. Chocolate Mint.
I’m a huge fan of chocolate mint things. I can’t tell you how many cartons of chocolate mint milk I bought this year. I also bought pretty much every bag of Hershey’s Chocolate Mint Assortments that were left over in the post-Christmas sales. I love the flavors of chocolate and mint blending together. It really is just the perfect flavor!

2. Sporting KC.
This team is a powerhouse, everyone. This year, the Kansas City Wizards rebranded… and trust me, not only did they get a new name and a new stadium, but they also got a new attitude. This team went from dead last on a 10-game road streak, to FIRST in the East. They finished only one game away from the MLS cup this year, and I have high hopes that the season starting in March will lead us to a cup win. Our family attended 2 games last year, and watched more games on TV than I can count. We bought Sporting Merchandise, went to a pumpkin patch just to see Sporting KC players, and lived, breathed, and bled Sporting KC. We made posters, we learned chants, and we even planned a homeschool unit based on Sporting KC’s upcoming season (Fantasy Soccer League covers algebra and statistics, and geography is easily covered by travel and teams we play against). I’m Sporting til I die, and there’s nothing anyone can do to stop me. Heck, I even lost facebook friends over Sporting KC near the end of the season, when it was all I was talking about on facebook! Is it March yet?

1. Blueberries.
Seriously, I could not get enough of blueberries this year. During the end of my pregnancy, I bought pint after pint- often consuming 10 pints per week. I later found out that blueberries are a natural remedy to blood pressure problems, and I was having some at the time, so that makes sense, but even still, my blood pressure is normal and I still can’t get enough of them. Even writing this post, I’m sipping hot blueberry tea with fresh blueberries floating in it. It wasn’t just blueberries, either- it was anything WITH blueberries. Blueberry muffin Snack Pack pudding (I threw a fit when our store stopped selling it- enough that I later caused them to get it back with my protesting), blueberry tea, Blueberry Morning cereal from Post, blueberry syrup, blueberry pancakes and crepes, cordial blueberries (I about died when I found these at Christmastime), and now, Sparkling Blueberry Grape Juice to ring in the new year. I’m pretty sure blueberries will continue to be an obsession point.

So what about you? What are your obsessions over the past year? Did you have anything that you couldn’t live without this past year? Tell me all about it in the comments!


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