A Review of Citrus Lane- Box of Goodies for Mom and Baby

I first became aware of Citrus Lane about a month ago, when I discovered the box… somehow. I don’t even remember. After reading about it, I immediately subscribed, thinking it had to be the coolest thing since sliced bread.

First, let me give you a little bit of background on me. I am a magazine junkie. Not even kidding, I can’t count how many magazines I subscribe to. I love to get goodies in the mail, and I’m also a sample junkie. I like trying out new things (and telling my friends about what I think of the new things I try– I’m opinionated like that!). I also love love love to find something other than a bill popping up in my mailbox each month.

When I found out there was a company that would send my son and I full size goodies for us to enjoy, ways to treat he and I with something a little different from the ordinary, I knew it was the right idea for me to look into it.

Today, I received my first Citrus Lane box. I pulled up to the house and saw my box sitting on the front step, and nearly yelped with joy. Finally, it had arrived.

I will try to come back and review the products in more detail when I have gotten more use out of them, but here are my preliminary thoughts on my Citrus Lane box that I received today.


Citrus Lane

Price: $25 per month, $75 for 3 months, $125 for 6 months (1 month free), $250 for 12 months (2 months free)

Shipping: Free

Discounts for referrals: Currently $25 for each friend you refer (If you choose to sign up and don’t have someone else referring you, I’d love it if you chose to use my referral link here: http://www.citruslane.com/invitedby/Jennifer.Schoenberger )

Coupon Codes: You can currently get your first box half off by using the code CITRUSHALF4 at checkout. This makes your box $12.50


Opening the Box:

When you first open the box, you’re greeted by sunny yellow tissue paper, and a note from the company. The front of the note explains why they selected the products they did (this winter, they selected an item to make mom feel special, an item to keep baby warm, an item to help with frenzied holiday baking, and an item to keep skin soft and help you “slow down”). They also provide a link to a website, which provides cookie recipes, craft activities, and more. The back of the note has each product with a description and picture, a price, and where to order more if you love it!

Once you remove the note and peel back the yellow tissue paper, you’re greeted with shredded kraft paper (kind of messy- Zach immediately started pulling it out and throwing it… note to self: unbox when he’s NOT on my lap!), and nestled in there, all of the goodies. This month, we also got a little info about Stella and Dot, since there was an item from that company in there.


What’s Inside the Box?

Stella and Dot Toujours Bracelet, $34.00

Found at: http://www.stelladot.com or from your local Stella and Dot Stylist

Review: This bracelet is perfect, and pretty trendy, too. For me, it’s a great everyday bracelet. It doesn’t look like it has any rough edges or anything Zach could get hurt on, and that’s great, because he is ALWAYS inspecting my jewelry. It is simple enough that you could pair it with some bangles or something, but makes enough of a statement to be worn alone, too. It’s a really nice treat for me, and helps me try out Stella and Dot, since I’ve been interested in their jewelry for awhile. The bracelet has a little bit of a bohemian vibe, which is right up my alley. I think it’ll look great with jeans and a tee, or some yoga pants, or other casual clothing… and casual is what I LIVE in these days! I love that it’s not too dressy, since I don’t dress up that often these days!



Zutano Cozie Baby Hat- Black Stripe, $18.00

Found at: http://www.zutano.com

Review: It’s a cute hat, no doubt, but my first thought after viewing other hats on their website was that there are SO many cute patterns, that, had I picked a pattern myself, I probably would have chosen one in a different style, that matched more of his clothing. That represents the biggest downfall of Citrus Lane- you can’t pick what you get, so it’s sent randomly. They do keep gender in mind, though, which helps. Our hat was sized 12 months, since Zach is 6 months old. It helps because now he can grow into it- I love that they sent one that was a little bigger than his age so we could really get the full use out of it. The ears on the hat are adorable, and the hat is SO soft. The hat led me to check out other clothes on the company’s website, and they’re SO cute. I may be shopping there soon.



Wilton Gingerbread Boy Comfort Grip Cutter, $3.19

Found at: http://www.wilton.com, or probably also a local store like Hobby Lobby or Michael’s.

Review: Where was this a few days ago when we made Christmas cookies?! All in all, it’s got a nice soft grip, which will be good when Zach gets a little older- not only are cookie cutters great for cookies, but they’re also good for play doh, or using as stencils. I see us getting many years of use out of this product, and Wilton is good quality, but the product itself is a little too old for Zach.



Episencial Better Body Butter Body Lotion, $11.00

Found at: http://www.episencial.com

Review: They had me at their Very Hungry Caterpillar packaging- I’m a sucker for anything Eric Carle- but seriously, this is a good product. It’s baby safe, so it’s something both Zach and I can use, and the packaging even says it’s for people 0 to 150. It has a very light scent, which is good, because I hate using super heavily scented products on Zach, and it’s a nice creamy lotion. It’s a little thinner than I expect from a body butter, but it’s nice- definitely something I’d buy again. The price seems a little steep for a bottle of lotion when you can get Johnson’s for a few bucks (pennies with a coupon), but it’s cute, and Johnson’s doesn’t have Oat Extract, which is a really good skin protectant in winter, so depending on how Zach likes it, we may buy it again. The packaging makes it seem like it would be a nice gift. 



Retail Value of the Box: $66.19 (For a $25 box, this is a steal)


Overall opinion: I definitely enjoyed looking through my Citrus Lane box, and I see that I’ll use every single product that they included. Seeing the products makes it clear I’ll purchase from Stella and Dot and Zutano again in the future. I’m already a loyal Wilton girl, so it probably won’t sell me on Wilton, but it does open me up to Episencial, which I’ve never heard of before. You don’t get a ton of products, but the products you DO get are well worth the price… I paid $10 for my box because I had a good coupon code, but even if I had paid $25, the bracelet alone pays for it. It’s nice because there were items in there for both Zachary and I, so it was a nice surprise for both of us.


Final Verdict: I will definitely be ordering this box again. It was well worth the money, and I cannot wait to receive next month’s box on my doorstep.


One comment

  1. Wow, love this review! It’s really good to get detailed feedback on the products, it helps us build better boxes. I’m excited for you to see our January box, we’ve tried to better target the baby’s age with that one, and it has a healthy organic focus we’re really proud of. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on what we do!

    (Citrus Lane Community Manager)

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