Christmas in Whoville (I’m so forgetful)

I have spent a good chunk of the week not feeling well, so I totally spaced on a blog train for today. I know you’re going to love it… it’s called Christmas in Whoville and is themed with beautiful, bright pieces from some very talented designers!

You’ll see my contribution below- four awesome pebble alphas!


I’m totally failing at getting the preview of the full kit on here, so you’ll just have to take my word for the fact that it’s an AWESOME kit and you’ll want every single piece.

Edit: Apparently there is a problem with the 2nd alpha not wanting to download. I’ve re-uploaded it over at 4shared and it still seems unhappy. If you’re getting a problem from it, please email me over at and I’ll hook you up with the alpha, okay?

Here are the links from 4shared…
Alpha 1:
Alpha 2:
Alpha 3:
Alpha 4:

Yup, that’s right, FOUR alphas for you to enjoy.

Below is the link to all of the stops on the train, so make sure you’ve gotten all of your pieces!

Scraps N Pieces
Amy’s Designs
Just For Fun Designs
Memories by Digital Design
Lisa’s Scraps
DoubleTrouble Scraps
Digital Affliction Scraps <– You are here!
by Christin formerly Lovely Creations
Keystone Scraps
Shh! I’m Counting!
AmyDane Designs
Mommy Made This
Wendy Tunison Designs
Ladybug Pics n Scraps
Adriana’s Cafe
As Cores da Borboleta by Mirelle Candeloro
Lindsey’s Digital Scrapbook
Sheri’s Scraps
Magic Moments Scrapped
Karen Diamond
JIC Creations
Sweet Creations

I’m hoping to have a beautiful coordinating piece in my store soon, so be on the lookout!



  1. thank you for those cute alphas , really nice . – Re the 2d one , 4 Shared seems unhappy and says :
    da_ciw_alpha2 * Server downloading session limit is reached. Please try again in a few minutes.
    maybe just a glitch ..

  2. Well now my first comment doesn’t show up.

    Thank you for the fabulous alphas–#2 still has problem, but the other three make up for it. 🙂

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