Mono is the Devil

We’ve had a lot of tears around the house lately. It turns out, my little brother has mono. He is 11, and this is the end of the world.

I know he feels like total crap, and I know he doesn’t feel good at all. I know he feels sick. I know that his body hurts, he’s tired, and that the little things get to him.

Mono is NO fun at all. He’s been running over 100 degree fevers lately, and it just… sucks. Totally.

Today, he was playing with a ball he got at the parade from our local fall festival yesterday. Someone accidentally stepped on it, and it popped. He immediately falls into a fit of wailing tears, and starts yelling that “He popped my FAVORITE ball! It’s my FAVORITE! I loved it!” In the end, it was an accident. And “well” Jeffrey knows it was an accident.

But sick Jeffrey? It was a horrible crime.

I feel bad for him. I can’t imagine how terrible he feels. I know he feels sick, and I know he’s exhausted.

I just hope he kicks the mono soon, because it’s a beast for him to deal with. The tears and everything just wear him out more. I’m ready for this mono thing to go away already!

Poor little guy 😦


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